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Elon Musk’s proposal for peace in Ukraine

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Elon Musk’s proposal for peace in Ukraine

Elon Musk proposes his recipe for peace between Russia and Ukraine. He does it in his way of him. On Twitter. By launching a poll to its 107 million followers.

Tesla’s number one, who in 15 days will have to face the process for the purchase of Twitter, first agreed with the company, then canceled by himself, asks those who follow him on the social network to vote on a hypothesis of a solution to the conflict. He doesn’t say it specifically, but it’s his idea of ​​him. And he asks to vote for it. His recipe in four points.

Musk writes:

  1. “Re-run the elections of the annexed regions under the supervision of the United Nations. Russia will have to leave if this is the will of the people ”;
  2. “Formally recognize Crimea as part of Russia, as it has been since 1783 (until Khrushchev’s mistake)”
  3. “Insurance of water supply in the Crimea”;
  4. “Ukraine remains neutral”.

The reference placed in parentheses in point two is to the cession of Crimea decided by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on February 19, 1954. In 1784 Russia had occupied Crimea to follow up on the ambitions of the empire, which wanted an outlet to the Black Sea .

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Point three refers to a historical problem in Crimea, traditionally arid and in need of water supplies. While in the last point Musk suggests the neutrality of Ukraine, which should therefore not join NATO.

Musk shared the tweet as a poll. Time to vote for it 24 hours. In the first 20 minutes alone, he collected 206,600 votes. It will expire on October 4th at 2.15pm.

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