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everything the new generation headset can do

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everything the new generation headset can do

Meta has officially announced its new virtual and mixed reality headset, the Meta Quest 3. Presented by Mark Zuckerberg, the next-generation headset promises to take the virtual reality experience to new heights. The long-awaited market launch is scheduled for autumn, and VR fans are eager to discover the incredible features of this device.

The launch of Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 is equipped with the powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon last generation. Graphics performance is doubled over its predecessor, the Quest 2, offering more detailed and immersive graphics. In addition, the new headset features an improved design, with a weight reduction of 40% compared to the previous model. This makes it even more comfortable to wear during long gaming sessions.

Meta Quest 3 innovations and improvements

One of the most interesting innovations concerns the 4MP RGB color cameras. These cameras allow for greater definition and precision in Passthrough, which is the technology that overlays the physical and virtual world. Thanks to the use of machine learning and Meta Reality technology, the mixed reality experience becomes even more realistic and immersive. New horizons therefore open up for the interaction between the user and the virtual environment. The Meta Quest 3 introduces the new Touch Plus controllers, which feature an improved ergonomic design and updated tracking technology.

These controllers offer haptic feedback through TruTouch technology, which adds a tactile dimension to the headset experience. Additionally, the outer rings have been removed to ensure smoother movement and accuracy during virtual interactions. Meta Quest 3 will be backwards compatible with Quest 2’s extensive catalog of games and apps. This means that users will have access to a huge selection of games and experiences already available, ensuring a wide choice of content for virtual immersion. In addition, new titles are planned that will exploit the potential of the new viewer, promising even more immersive adventures.

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The boosted performance of Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 focuses on performance, which is essential for a quality virtual reality experience. Meta has chosen the Qualcomm chipset for the new headset, thus guaranteeing more than double the graphics performance compared to its predecessor, the Quest 2. While the full technical details have yet to be revealed, a significant jump in computing power and efficiency can be expected. This innovative viewer offers precise detection of the user’s hand movements. Thanks to TruTouch technology, the user can enjoy realistic tactile feedback when interacting with the headset. Furthermore, with the Direct Touch function, it is possible to use the headset without the use of the controllers, while maintaining the ability to detect the movement of the hands.

The future of virtual reality

The Meta Quest 3 was unveiled just days after the Apple Vision Pro. Meta pioneered the introduction of next-generation virtual reality headsets. Its next generation headset is a device that promises improvements in terms of design and performance compared to its previous model, released in 2020. Both visors follow the inevitable trend of the ski goggle shape, with an enveloping design and a weight balance that aims to minimize the load on the neck during use.

However, the two headsets take different approaches: the Meta Quest 3 uses a single display and relies on the use of controllers for input, while the Apple Vision Pro offers a dual display and integrates eye and hand tracking. It will be interesting to observe how the two devices will position themselves on the market and how users will respond to their innovative proposals.

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