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Exographer, a scientifically based metroidvania

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Exographer, a scientifically based metroidvania

“Real Scientists Develop Science-Based Puzzle Game Exographer”

SciFun Games has announced their upcoming game Exographer, a metroidvania-style puzzle game that sets itself apart by being developed by real scientists. The game, directed by Raphael Granier de Casagnac, is based on real science principles and offers players a unique gaming experience.

In Exographer, players take on the role of a space explorer who must navigate through a vast world filled with puzzles that are based on physics and observation. The game features more than 20 levels spread across six biomes, each offering a different set of challenges for players to overcome.

During a recent talk, the developers showcased some of the tools that players will use in the game, such as magnetic boots and a force field that allows the explorer to walk through walls by distorting the density of molecules in its path. The game’s soundtrack, composed by Yann Van Der Cruyssen, adds to the immersive experience.

Exographer aims to make science more accessible to players by incorporating scientific nomenclature and terminology into the gameplay. With around 15 hours of gameplay to offer, the game promises to be both entertaining and educational for players.

While the release date for Exographer is set for 2024, Abylight has confirmed that the game will be available on PC and consoles. For a sneak peek of what the game has to offer, be sure to check out the trailer and gallery on the official Exographer website.

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