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Four alternative browsers to Safari to try on Mac

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Four alternative browsers to Safari to try on Mac

If you use a Mac or Macbook, the chances are that the your favorite browser is Safari they are very high. On the other hand, Safari is now twenty years old and is an extremely tested and stable product. But did you know that there are several alternatives to the Cupertino browser on Mac? Let’s see some of them.

The first, of course, is Google Chrome, il browser evergreen by Google. Considered by many users to be the preferred option on Windows, Chrome is by far the most popular browser on the market, with a “slice” of users equal to 65% of all web searches (Safari, to make a comparison, reaches 19%). Sure, some might complain about the excessive consumption of Chrome on Macbut we have good news for you: with the latest Chrome update on Mac, consumption has dropped significantly!

If instead you want to stay on top of the AI ​​wave, the advice we give you is to also install Microsoft Edge on a Mac. Microsoft’s browser is based on Chromium and consumes less RAM than Chrome, but it also boasts unique features based on AI: for example, in fact, Edge has implemented Bing AI, the AI ​​of the Redmond giant based on ChatGPT, since the end April.

Another alternative that we recommend is Opera: like Edge, Opera is also based on Chromium, but brings with it some decidedly interesting innovations compared to the alternatives of Microsoft and Google. The first (and most important) is Opera’s free VPN network, which allows you to browse as if you were abroad while sitting comfortably on the sofa at home.

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Finally, the last browser for Mac that we recommend you try is Brave, designed for privacy, security and user autonomy at all costs. Brave bases its entire philosophy on the best possible performance and on minimizing consumption, but also on protecting user data at all costs: for this reason, the browser comes with a pre-installed ad-blocker for both advertisements and i tracker.

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