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From November iPhones can also be repaired with used components

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From November iPhones can also be repaired with used components

In a move that marks a significant change in repair policy, Apple has announced that starting in November it will be possible to repair iPhones using used parts. This decision follows years of debate and discussion in the context of the right to repair movement and represents an important step towards greater sustainability and flexibility for consumers and independent repair shops.

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Apple’s new policy will allow the use of genuine used parts in repairs, initially applicable to iPhone 15 and later models1. This includes components such as screens, batteries and cameras. Furthermore, Apple plans to extend this policy to biometric sensors for Face ID and Touch ID.

Process of “matching” the parts

Apple has clarified that the existing parts “matching” process will be used to confirm the authenticity of used parts. Starting this fall, calibration for genuine Apple parts, both new and used, will occur directly on the device after part installation1.

Transparency and security

To ensure transparency, if an iPhone has been repaired, a “Parts and Service History” section will appear in the app settings under General → About, showing whether a genuine part is new or used1. To combat iPhone theft and dismantling for parts, Apple will extend its Activation Lock feature to iPhone parts.

Environmental impact

John Ternus, Apple’s head of hardware engineering, stressed that the new policy will be more environmentally friendly, extending the useful life of parts1. This represents Apple’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in product design and manufacturing processes.


Apple’s openness to using used parts for repairs is a win for consumers and the environment. It offers greater choice and convenience to customers, while promoting the longevity of Apple products and their environmental impact. With this expansion of the repair program, Apple is committed to supporting repairs with used parts without compromising user safety, security or privacy.

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