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“Gemini, Google’s new AI tool that competes with ChatGPT” | Daily List

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“Gemini, Google’s new AI tool that competes with ChatGPT” |  Daily List

Google Unveils New AI Tool Called Gemini, Boasts Superiority Over Competitors

Google has announced the launch of a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool called Gemini, which the company touts as more powerful than any other tool currently on the market, including the widely popular ChatGPT created by OpenAI.

Gemini is praised for its “multimodality,” as it can “reason fluently through texts, images, video, audio and codes” through the MMLU model, also known as “mass multitasking language understanding.”

The AI tool will be available in three formats: Nano, as an application for cell phones; Pro; and Ultra, which is designed for highly complex tasks.

One of the noteworthy features of Gemini is its ability to receive visual or auditory information and generate its own content in text, audio, or image formats.

During the presentation, Gemini demonstrated its capability to detect errors in complex mathematical problems, provide correct answers, explain the steps involved, and generate abundant information about an animal based on a simple drawing. It can also engage in popular challenges such as “rock, paper, scissors” and the three cups game.

According to its creators, Gemini is compatible with common coding languages such as Java, Python, C++, and Go, and can resolve errors when communicated in 90% of cases.

The potential of Gemini will be applied to Google’s current chat system, known as Bard, which already supports multiple languages, including Spanish.

Although no details about monetization plans have been provided, Google has announced that Gemini will be available starting December 13.

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