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Google releases 7 major features of Pixel phones and 5 major updates of Pixel Watch, focusing on lazy bags

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Google releases 7 major features of Pixel phones and 5 major updates of Pixel Watch, focusing on lazy bags

Google has recently launched updates for Pixel phones and Pixel Watch, providing useful tools and features, and updates are expected to be announced in the coming weeks. As for what new features? Come see it today!

7 new features of Pixel phones

After the update, users can ask the Google Assistant on the Pixel phone to turn on the emergency sharing function by voice, or turn on the security check for a specific time range. For example, when you go out for a run at night, just say: “Ok Google, set a 30-minute security check.” When the user does not respond to the scheduled security check after the set time, the system will notify the emergency contact and send Instant location to each other.

Since 2019, Google has launched a car accident detection function on Pixel phones to help users drive safely. After this feature update, when the user encounters a serious car accident, the car accident detection on the Pixel will not only notify the emergency services, but also share the user’s real-time location and call status with the emergency contacts set in the phone.

The Pixel 7 Pro’s macro focus can now also be used for videos, enabling closer focus on tiny things, such as the details of a butterfly spreading its wings or petals swaying in the wind, and capturing them clearly.

Pixel 6 and later Pixel models will support easier shooting time settings. After setting the shooting time of 3 or 10 seconds, the user can start the countdown timer just by raising the palm facing the camera, saving the setting process of running back and forth between the device and the shooting screen.

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Pixel 6 and later Pixel models can relive shared memories with the new Movie Live Wallpaper. Through AI technology, Pixel can convert 2D wallpaper photos into dynamic 3D scenes. In addition, you can also mix and match more than 4,000 emoji with various patterns and colors to create a live wallpaper that matches your personality and mood.

The Pixel 6a and Pixel 7a will automatically adjust and reduce the intensity of vibration and haptic feedback when the phone detects it is on a table or a hard, flat surface.

Auto-adjusting charging now uses Google AI to help extend Pixel battery life. When the phone is connected to a power source, this new feature will predict whether it will be charged for a long time based on previous charging habits, and slowly charge to 100% an hour before the expected unplugging.

Top 5 new features coming to the Pixel Watch

Pixel Watch will be able to view blood oxygen concentration (SpO2) and identify changes in blood oxygen concentration during sleep, because blood oxygen concentration may affect sleep quality. In addition, by tracking the trend of blood oxygen concentration over time, you can also have the opportunity to detect changes in your activity, stress and overall health.

Pixel Watch keeps track of your heart rate 24/7. After the new feature update, if the heart rate data exceeds the normal range, Pixel Watch will send a notification reminder, because the heart rate can be used as an indicator of overall health and potential problems in the body.

Users can quickly launch Spotify DJ, listen to podcasts or query the most listened content through the new three information squares on the surface.

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Whether you are running, walking, or cycling, when you need to stop at traffic lights or stop for a while to catch your breath, Pixel Watch will automatically pause the exercise schedule and resume tracking training automatically after starting the action again.

The new metal chain strap (hairline silver) will be launched on the online Google store from June 16. In addition to the classic metal texture, it also has a soft curved shape, adding a neat fashion style to yourself.

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