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Greetings for Women’s Day 2024: Free sayings and images for the feminist day of struggle for WhatsApp and Co.

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Greetings for Women’s Day 2024: Free sayings and images for the feminist day of struggle for WhatsApp and Co.

Digital greetings are very popular. Even on International Women’s Day, Germans like to send greetings via WhatsApp and Co.! Here you can easily download the most beautiful sayings and quotes for the feminist day of struggle.

Digital greetings via WhatsApp, Telegram and Co. are extremely popular – including on International Women’s Day. Small graphics with a greeting, a saying or a quote are particularly popular. We have put together some International Women’s Day greetings for you that you can copy, download and send.

Digital Women’s Day greetings on WhatsApp: Popular sayings and quotes for Women’s Day 2024

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8th. Originally born out of women’s struggles for better working conditions and the right to vote, International Women’s Day has acquired a broader meaning over time. It has become a global symbol of the fight against discrimination, inequality and oppression of women. The day reminds us that women still face various forms of disadvantage, be it on a political, economic, social or personal level. It is a day of celebration, reflection and commitment to a better future for all genders. March 8th is now also called Feminist Day of Fight.

Here you will find sayings and quotes that you can send on International Women’s Day:

To all women: May your strength be unwavering, your dreams immeasurable and your courage limitless. Happy International Women’s Day! Women are like stars in the sky – bright, tireless and endlessly inspiring. Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s celebrate the women who light up the world with love, strength and wisdom. Happy Women’s Day! Women are the architects of the future. May your courage and determination never fade. Congratulations on International Women’s Day! To the women who perform miracles every day: you are the true heroines. May your day be full of recognition and joy! For all the women who dare to dream big and act even bigger. You are invincible. Happy Women’s Day! Cheers to the female gender! I wish you a happy International Women’s Day 2024. Never forget, we can do anything! Happy Women’s Day! “If you don’t move, you don’t feel your chains.” (Quote from Rosa Luxemburg) “Don’t let yourself get down, she cheeky and wild and wonderful!” (Quote from Astrid Lindgren) “Nothing seems to fear gods and men more than the loss of control over women.” (Quote from Mary Daly) “Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights. We must not forget that between these rights is the right to speak freely – and the right to be heard.” (Hillary Clinton quote) “The bravest act of all is still to think for yourself. Out loud!” (Quote from Coco Chanel)

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Women’s Day greetings 2024 for WhatsApp with sayings and poems

In addition to sayings and quotes, pictures with greetings for International Women’s Day are also very popular. We have put together a few for you that you can easily download by clicking on the magnifying glass.

Search Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide on March 8th. Image: AdobeStock / fabioderby Search Congratulations on International Women’s Day! Image: AdobeStock / Thipphaphone Search International Women’s Day is also called “feminist day of struggle”. Image: AdobeStock / Fox_Dsign Search Send a greeting on International Women’s Day via WhatsApp etc. Image: AdobeStock / Meow Creations Search “Happy Women’s Day!” Image: AdobeStock / jiejie

You can find more graphics on our Pinterest board.

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