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Headphones from the 1980s are recommended on TikTok – and for good reason

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Headphones from the 1980s are recommended on TikTok – and for good reason

Wired headphones are actually technically outdated and have been replaced by wireless Bluetooth headphones. Nevertheless, there is a counter-trend among young people – and a model from the 1980s is the leader of this movement.

Here to stay: While Bluetooth headphones are now being replaced by new models every few years (or even faster), the clocks in the wired headphone sector are ticking much more slowly. That’s how it will be 1984 first published Koss Porta Pro (view at Amazon) continues to be built and sold in almost unchanged form. The thing cannot be killed – on the contrary, it is currently in high demand (“lit”).

Fashion influencers recommend the Koss Porta Pro

“Headphones that go with every outfit” – with such announcements deal Fashion-Influencer on TikTok with headphones. It’s less about technical data and more about the look.

Clear favorite of the scene is the Koss Porta Pro, which the fashion experts believe is extremely versatile. “They’re finally here,” says drugtelevision (17,000 followers) and proudly presents their Porta Pro:

It might be a bit strange for outsiders, because the design of the Koss Porta Pro seems – to put it mildly – more relevant than progressive. The bare metal bracket, the visible controls – one can assume that these headphones were not originally intended as a fashion accessory. More likely is that one lightweight had priority. “In fact, it was one of the first headphones designed specifically for wearable applications,” explains Tyll Hertsens in Stereophile magazine.

But perhaps it is precisely this striking and outdated thing Designthat makes the Porta Pro so popular. With these headphones you attract attention, show character – and confidently combine vintage fashion with a technical gadget to create a coherent overall picture. A similar phenomenon can also be observed with the Apple Earpods (with cable), since more and more celebrities have been spotted with them.

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Koss Porta Pro: A classic that has attracted a dedicated fan base for years (Image source: manufacturer)

Koss Porta Pro Wired Stereo Headphones

The price may be higher now. Price from 08/13/2023 3:25 p.m

At that time it was a groundbreaking piece of technology, but today it is hardly competitive in some aspects: The Porta Pro is not only wired and thus restricts freedom of movement, he is too overhead and barely blocks out outside noise. Modern features such as noise canceling (ANC) are not available.

You don’t have to charge the headphones because they don’t have a battery and draw their energy from the jack socket (3.5 mm). Also the sound quality is considered by numerous fans (even before the current fashion hype). extraordinary good classified. Another pro argument is the price: the Koss Porta Pro is commercially available for less than 40 euros to find – this is relatively cheap compared to modern true wireless models from well-known brands.

We present other wired headphones in our purchase advice:

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