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How to set up shared password function on iPhone? | TKeBang

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How to set up shared password function on iPhone? | TKeBang

Apple’s New iPhone Shared Password Function Allows Users to Share Passwords with Trusted Contacts

In the latest iOS 17 update, Apple has introduced a new feature called “iPhone Shared Password,” which enables users to share website account passwords with trusted contacts. This new function allows you to create a shared password group and select the website account and password you want to share, making it easier for group members to log in to the website without having to manually enter the password.

The shared password function is designed to be based on trust, ensuring that the shared information is not compromised by malicious parties. By using this feature within the Apple ecosystem, users can safely share account passwords without the risk of them being stolen when transmitted through chat software.

To utilize this new feature, iPhone users can follow a few simple steps. First, open the settings menu, click on “Password,” and then select “Add Sharing Group” to create a new shared password group. Users can then add trusted contacts to the group and select the account and password they want to share. The system will then prompt the user to notify the invitees via iMessage, providing a secure method of sharing the password.

Once the invitees accept the invitation, they will be able to access the shared website in the password group without having to enter the password manually. Additionally, the shared password can be easily managed and updated by the account manager, ensuring that members of the group always have access to the latest password.

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The iPhone Shared Password function is particularly useful for sharing streaming platform accounts with friends and family, as well as for sharing online software subscriptions with employees. It streamlines the process of managing shared accounts and passwords, making it easier for account managers to maintain and update shared passwords.

As iOS 17 is still relatively new, users will be notified about which devices have not yet upgraded their operating systems in order to utilize the shared password function.

Overall, the iPhone Shared Password function offers a convenient and secure way for users to share website account passwords with trusted contacts within the Apple ecosystem. This new feature is sure to simplify the process of managing shared accounts and passwords for both personal and professional use.

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