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Ideal-tek chooses Esker’s global cloud

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Ideal-tek chooses Esker’s global cloud

Ideal-tek chooses the global cloud of thanks to accelerate transformation and automate customer order management and accounts payable processes.

Our solutions – in support of the Finance, Procurement and Customer Service departments – have helped the company digitize document processes to simplify work, eliminate repetitive activities and enhance the role of collaborators.

When Ideal-tek met Esker, it immediately realized that a long-term collaboration could stimulate the digital transformation of some document processes.

The presence of manual and repetitive tasks, the complexity of work processes and the difficulties in organizing documents slowed down the company’s productivity and complicated the daily lives of collaborators.

Ideal-tek had an urgent need to gain greater visibility and control over order management to drive customer satisfaction, save time and resources systematically, ensure the sustainability of internal processes and overcome the inefficiencies of manual order and invoice management .

Silvia Picchi, Operations & Legal Manager of Ideal-tek
The need to automate Order Management (OM) and Accounts Payable (AP) processes arises from the desire to reduce the management times of these activities and from the desire to optimize internal resources.

Esker’s AI-powered cloud platform for predictive coding of invoices and bills dashboard intuitive with instant access to KPIs and data, they were the innovations the company needed to make the leap in quality.

Esker proposed that the company implement the solution OM (order management) e di AP (accounts Payable) to obtain a double result: on the one hand the valorization of the work of collaborators and the improvement of staff well-being, on the other the increase in the efficiency of the order management and invoice registration processes.

Silvia Picchi
We chose to collaborate with Esker because we were thrilled by the personal relationship we established: they are kind and collaborative people. They have a good team: it’s like working with your usual colleagues. I believe that cohesion comes from sharing the same goal.

Thanks to the elimination of manual activities and significant time savings, today Ideal-tek can dedicate itself to customer service and taking care of relationships with customers and suppliers. Process automation has reduced manual workload and improved staff well-being: business growth is the natural consequence of this optimization work.

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