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iPhone/Mac 12 must-install tools and games|Apple Design Awards 2023 announced

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iPhone/Mac 12 must-install tools and games|Apple Design Awards 2023 announced

WWDC 2023 Apple Design Awards 2023 officially announced, 10 must-install games/tool ​​apps|The “Apple Design Awards” announced during the annual WWDC was officially announced. This time it is divided into 6 categories, as well as tools and games. 12 apps are definitely worth downloading for iPhone and Mac users.

At the WWDC23 conference, the Apple Design Awards recognize winners who demonstrate excellence in innovation, ingenuity and technical achievement in application and game design.

12 tools and games won Apple Design Awards in different categories this year

Diversity and tolerance

In this category, winners develop apps that support people of all backgrounds, abilities and languages, delivering a great experience for everyone.

App:《Universe — Website Builder》

Universe – Website Builder makes it easy for everyone to build their own web pages by reducing complexity and removing barriers to entry. This app helps users create the ideal online store, artist studio, community page or personal website, and provides functions such as “dynamic fonts” and “narration”, allowing more people to easily use “Universe — Website Builder”.

Game: “stitch.”

Stitch. has cross-generational appeal, bringing players a calm, detailed, and relaxing experience in the art of embroidery. The difficulty of the game increases with the progress, and the background music leads the player into a state of tranquility. With support for multiple languages ​​and accessibility options for colorblind, low-vision and motion-sensitive players, the game allows everyone to engage and have fun.

fun experience

Winners in this category use Apple’s latest technology to deliver memorable, engaging, and comfortable upgrades.

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App: Duolingo

The years-old Duolingo continues to expand its comprehensive approach to language learning with a reimagined experience and new courses for endangered, indigenous and fictional languages. Users are drawn to the ever-expanding library of dialogues, while learners are delighted by its cast of characters and fun-filled gamification, including quests, challenges, and leaderboards.

Game: Afterplace

Afterplace is an unforgettable indie RPG. In a modern style, this game cleverly incorporates elements of nostalgia, cold humor and exploration, leading players on a modern and retro interlaced pixel adventure journey. It is specially designed for mobile devices, and players can control it by swiping and tapping without using virtual buttons. Players around the world can build a solid foundation with the game’s clever newcomer experience, and its intuitive one-handed control system makes it easy and fun to discover the weird surprises and hidden rewards in Afterplace.


Winners in this category have tailored intuitive user interfaces and easy-to-use controls for their platforms.

App:《Flighty – Live Flight Tracker》

“Flighty – Live Flight Tracker” provides users with detailed flight route maps, airport guides and delay forecasts through a beautifully designed app experience. “Flighty – Live Flight Tracker” provides important information where it is needed most, coupled with an intuitive user interface, and a comprehensive real-time map, bringing users a smoother travel experience. In addition, it integrates Apple technology more intimately, including “Siri Shortcuts”, “Maps” app, “Real-time News”, etc., to take care of passengers throughout their journey.

Game: “Orbit Link”

The simple design of “Orbit Link” allows players to enjoy the joy of interaction. The novice experience in the game leaves out text and dots, and guides players to explore the game menu. The clever design of the game is to make it easier to restore mistakes and redo actions. Orbital Links is a beautiful puzzle game that is easy to pick up and fun to play with original animations and colorful visuals.

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social influence

Mainly use meaningful ways to improve life and bring out important social issues.

App:《Headspace: Mindful Meditation》

Its minimal user interface, captivating video content, and signature illustrations all showcase the app’s thoughtful design. Choose from a variety of different voices to guide exploration of the app’s vast array of content, from lengthy guided sessions to as short as 5-minute thought breaks, to suit users’ every need. Integrating with Apple Watch, users can also start practicing mindfulness on their wrist at any time.

Game: “Endling”

In the horizontal scrolling game “Endling”, the player will play a fox and travel and fight in a land affected by environmental disasters and man-made. Players are able to resonate with and build connections with the protagonist’s encounters. Simple controls ensure that the focus of the gameplay experience is on the story itself, not on the interactive elements.

visual art

Design stunning graphics, cleverly drawn interfaces, and high-quality animations to give your app a distinctive, coherent theme.

App:《Any Distance – Workout Tracker》

Design a cutting-edge fitness training tracking tool that provides users with dynamic charts that can be shared with others. Take advantage of Live Feed and Apple Watch integration to collect and display fitness data, including not only traditional workouts like running and cycling, but also wheelchair exercise, stroller running and walking, and recumbent cycling. In-app intriguing medals to collect and inspiring social groups keep users entertained.

Game: Resident Evil Village

This horror adventure game delivers stunning visual detail powered by Apple silicon, ProMotion, Metal 3, and extended dynamic range. From spooky castles to dilapidated old factories, Resident Evil Village’s graphics are among the most realistic and atmospheric on the Mac.

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Creative Thinking

Winners of this category use Apple technologies in new ways to deliver the best user experience and make their apps stand out in their respective categories.

App:《SwingVision: A.I. Tennis App》

With the combined power of artificial intelligence and neural network engine, “SwingVision: AI Tennis App”, the “tennis coach”, can provide users with various assistance when playing tennis. SwingVision: AI Tennis App’s advanced video tracking feature smartly assesses status, highlights the user’s strengths, and suggests areas for improvement. In addition to the camera, this app can also collect data through the integration of Apple Watch.

Game: “Marvel: Instant Fight”

Marvel: Instantaneous features extraordinary animation and a fun touch that fully brings out the personality of each multiverse character. The card collection game has brought more new strategies to the game through a fast-paced play experience and an innovative “snap” bonus mechanism, and has completely changed the game genre.

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