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Meta’s AI also has a problem with white people

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Meta’s AI also has a problem with white people

Also the AI ​​that generates images of Metatrained on more than a billion photos shared by users of Instagram and Facebookmakes the same mistakes that led Google to block the ability to create realistic images of humans with Gemini.

In an attempt to be as inclusive as possibleAI produces photo portraits that they mystify history and alter reality.

Imagine” – this is the name of Meta’s AI – is currently only available in the USA. On Instagram, for example, it can be used by accessing direct messages – DM – and then pushing the sticker icon.

To those who asked Imagine to create, for example, i “founding fathers” who contributed to the birth of the United States, the AI ​​offered three men, of which two were black-skinned and only one was white-skinned. But none of the “founding fathers” – including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson – were actually black.

Who instead tried to get “a group of people from colonial America” received a portrait of a group of Asian individuals, although their presence in that historical period was not as numerous as the AI ​​would have you believe.

By deliberately increasing the level of diversity in the images generated, big tech has deluded itself into thinking that it can balance the prejudices and stereotypes conveyed by the contents on which artificial intelligence is trained. This “correction” has led, so far, to unsatisfactory and indeed harmful results.

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Also Googlejust a week ago, was forced to block its AI, Gemini, as it generated black “founding fathers” – and even Nazis. More generally Gemini he had a hard time creating white people.

Artificial intelligence Gemini prefers black and Asian Nazis: Google forced to block the AI ​​that generates images by Pier Luigi Pisa 22 February 2024

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, called Gemini’s errors “unacceptable.” Because of these errors, Alphabet – the multinational that controls Google and YouTube – he lost about 80 billion dollars on the stock market in a single day.

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