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Microsoft wants to stand on its own two feet

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Microsoft wants to stand on its own two feet

The tech giant Microsoft wants to optimize its AI server chips and reduce its dependence on Nvidia with its own network cards. You can find out more here.

In recent years, Microsoft has established itself not only as a leading software provider, but also as an important player in the field of hardware development. But that’s apparently not enough. With the current plan to develop its own network cards, the company is taking a further step towards independence from external providers such as Nvidia and the further development of artificial intelligence.

Today’s technology is becoming more and more expensive and short-lived. Our video clarifies whether it makes sense to simply rent them:

Renting technology – is it worth it?

Microsoft makes its own chips and network cards

According to a report from The Information, Microsoft plans to develop its own network cards to optimize its Maia AI server chips. This measure is aimed not only at increasing performance, but also To save costs and reduce dependence on third-party providers such as Nvidia. According to media reports, CEO Satya Nadella has already contacted Pradeep Sindhu, co-founder of Juniper Networks, to advance the network card project.

These crazy constructions in our photo series could perhaps soon become reality:

Development in line with Nvidia’s technology

Microsoft apparently doesn’t plan to completely reinvent the wheel. Instead, the company will use its network cards expected to be based on Nvidia’s ConnectX 7 card. This strategy allows the company to benefit from Nvidia’s technology while increasing its independence from it.

Potential for Microsoft

Even though it could still take some time for Microsoft to develop its own server cards, the company and partners like OpenAI could make up for this time later and make the development of AI models like Microsoft Copilot on its servers more efficient. This could new innovations are encouraged and Microsoft grows even further as a company.

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