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New Feeling Remake of Persona 3 Reload Trial – PCM

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New Feeling Remake of Persona 3 Reload Trial – PCM

The “Persona” series, known for its unique blend of school life and combat adventure, has been revamped with the release of “Persona 3 Reload.” Originally released for the PS2 in 2006, “Persona 3” has undergone significant renovations to bring it more in line with the modern style of “Persona 5.” The remastered version features improved graphics, revamped interface art, and a completely remade soundtrack.

The game follows the protagonist’s school life during the day, where personal parameters are developed based on interactions and activities. At night, players use “Personas” to conquer the “Tartarus” giant tower maze and collect different “Personas” to defeat monsters. The battle system has been revamped, making it easier for players to carry out teamwork and total attacks.

“Persona 3 Reload” supports 4K 60 smoothness on contemporary consoles and retains the refreshing rhythm and strategy of the “Persona” battle system. The randomly generated mazes and challenges add to the fun and appeal of the game.

The remastered version is designed to appeal to both longtime fans of the series and new players, with the option to select the battle difficulty level. The game is available on the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series with Chinese and Korean subtitles, and Japanese audio.

The enhanced editions of the “Persona” series have proven to be popular among players, and “Persona 3 Reload” looks set to continue this trend, offering an updated and immersive experience for fans of Japanese RPGs.

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