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NFON renews Ennepi’s telephone infrastructure

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NFON renews Ennepi’s telephone infrastructure

NFON developed for In advance, known for the Zuiki brand, a new telephone infrastructure based on the Cloudya cloud system. In fact, the company, founded in Naples in 1988, has chosen to renew its traditional telephone infrastructure based on a contact center physical for the head office and telephone contracts for each individual store. With NFON, the company simplifies the overall management of telephony, improving communication between the Nola headquarters and the 155 Zuiki brand sales points distributed throughout Italy.

A unified communications infrastructure

Paolo Fortuna, Managing Director NFON Italia
It makes us proud to support, together with our partner GERO, a company made in Italy with a young and up-to-date imprint, with which we share the idea that communication represents a lever strategic. The move to Cloudya aligns with that original, positive, fresh brand image that Ennepi carries forward through the Zuiki brand. Thus supporting the company in the daily challenges of business with a cutting-edge unified communications infrastructure.

Better multi-site management

Ennepi’s commercial structure frequently requires the addition or divestment of telephone users at the same time as the opening or closing of sales points. Hence the need and difficulty of managing different telephone plans, with different operators, economic conditions and contractual constraints. For this main reason the company turned to the trusted supplier GERO, NFON’s Platinum partner, who proposed a connectivity based on wifi router with SIM in individual points of sale and the activation of a single cloud telephone system with Cloudya.

Less costs and more flexibility

Aldo Innamorato, Head of Marketing & Communications Zuiki, Ennepi
Every time we had to close a store, this meant the payment of penalties and other costs of canceling telephone bills. First of all, GERO advised us to set up connectivity with mobile SIMs for the stores so as to no longer have physical ties in the event of closure and opening in another location. By implementing NFON cloud telephony, all stores are part of one unique company switchboard that facilitates both communications and the management of all extensions.

NFON renews Ennepi’s telephone infrastructure

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Today, therefore, Ennepi has freed itself from the burdens of managing and maintaining hundreds of individual telephone lines and related contracts. It can also benefit from the scalability of the cloud, optimizing overall costs. Furthermore the transition in Cloudya it occurred without any interruption of telephone service.

Future projects

Aldo Innamorato, Head of Marketing & Communications Zuiki, Ennepi
The absence of contractual constraints with NFON allowed us to truly test and evaluate the service with serene decision-making. Then the competence and professionalism of GERO contributed to making the difference. Adopting Cloudya turned out to be a lot simple also for the staff. So much so that if initially we used the solution only for voice, over time we also started to exploit advanced services such as Meet&Share for video meetings with content sharing, speeding up internal communications.

The current situation

Today Ennepi is also evaluating the implementation of NFON’s Contact Center Hub to improve its customer service. Thus integrating, in a single platform, all the main contact channels preferred by users (social media, calls, emails, WhatsApp, and so on).

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