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Nikon Rumored to Release Mirrorless Version of Df in 2023: Introducing the Zf?

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Nikon Rumored to Release Mirrorless Version of Df in 2023: Introducing the Zf?

Nikon Rumoured to Release Mirrorless Version of Df Camera

According to foreign sources, Nikon is expected to release a mirrorless version of their popular Df camera in late summer 2023, possibly named Zf. This news comes as a welcome surprise to Nikon users who have been eagerly anticipating a mirrorless version of the iconic camera.

The Df camera, known for its retro design, was initially launched by Nikon in 2013 and gained significant popularity. However, with the rise of mirrorless cameras in recent years, many users were hoping for a full-frame mirrorless version of the Df, rather than the APS-C format Z fc that was recently introduced by Nikon.

The foreign news report suggests that the mirrorless version of the Df, possibly named Zf, will be released in late summer 2023. While specific details about the camera’s design and specifications are not yet known, the news has created a sense of anticipation among Nikon users.

Looking back at the original Df camera, its appeal was not only due to its retro design but also because it shared the same core components and image quality as Nikon’s flagship D4 camera at the time. However, the original Df did not have a built-in video recording function, which was a disappointment for many users.

The upcoming mirrorless Zf camera’s specifications and product positioning are still unknown. However, given the evolving camera market and the growing influence of content creators on platforms like YouTube and vlogs, it is expected that the Zf will offer impressive specifications to meet the expectations of users.

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Additionally, Nikon’s recent release of the Z fc camera, which paid homage to the classic film camera FM2, has been well-received by photographers. It is speculated that the Zf may feature a similar design inspired by the Z fc.

Until Nikon makes an official announcement, fans will have to wait patiently for more information about the mirrorless version of the Df camera. However, this news has certainly created a buzz among camera enthusiasts who are eagerly awaiting Nikon’s latest offering.

Source: Nikon Rumors

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