Home Technology Not just apps and demos. At Maker Faire STMicroelectronics also does recruiting

Not just apps and demos. At Maker Faire STMicroelectronics also does recruiting

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Not just apps and demos.  At Maker Faire STMicroelectronics also does recruiting

Now in its seventh participation in the Roman event, the European colossus ofelectronics wants to offer everyone the opportunity to get closer to the sector, presenting some applications that look to the future such as the electric car or artificial intelligence and making tools and knowledge available to create electronic projects. Plus, this year ST it also offers the opportunity to inquire directly with the talent acquisition managers on the profiles and professionalism that interest the company. Certified Top Employers 2022, STMicroelectronics offers hundreds of placement opportunities, starting with internships and graduation theses, up to various permanent positions and professions in various locations throughout the country. Interested parties will be able to deliver their curriculum vitae and meet the human resources representatives to find out about the application methods, the profiles sought, the skills to possess and will also be able to follow specific seminars that tell the company and technological innovations.

Beyond this important initiative, however, the focus of the participation of ST it always remains to make electronics even simpler for everyone. Offering students and makers a series of design systems and allowing participants to view the entire series of boards of the ecosystems present and of different projects created with these tools. Main news for makers is AutoDevKit, an integrated development ecosystem for rapidly prototyping automotive and transportation applications. Instead, it is more tested and known STM32 Open Development Environmentopen, flexible and easy to use ecosystem, with which it will be possible to develop prototypes of innovative devices and applications for the world ofInternet of Things (IoT), based on the STM32 32-bit microcontroller family and combined with other advanced ST components, connected via expansion cards. To IoT application user interface developers, ST will also showcase the latest graphics technologies included in the TouchGFX, from texture mapping to swipe, videos, graphics, gauges and animations. And again, in the field of industrial IoT applications will be presented the new hardware and firmware solution that supports short and long range multi-connectivity and the latest developments in the field ofAutomated Machine Learning. Finally, demonstrations of use of the NanoEdge AI Studio. With a self-learning library that contains all the processes necessary to develop a system based on artificial intelligence, saving time and costs, available to the developer who will adopt it. And for all makers who need any clarification or solution to problems on the development of their projects, a sort of field hotline with experts will be activated. ST available for explanations and solutions.

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