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PS5 Pro aims to have a new feature that will significantly improve all your games

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PS5 Pro aims to have a new feature that will significantly improve all your games

AMD’s AI upscaling technology could be one of the great features of PS5 Pro

Everything indicates that 2024 will be marked by the arrival of PS5 Pro, the console with improved technology for the present generation from Sony. The Japanese company has not made any type of comment on the matter, so we will have to wait until the month of June when it is expected that a new PlayStation Showcase, to see if they decide to show the world the new console. However, rumors do not stop happening on the Internet and one of the latest points to the presence of great rescaling technology.

This is stated by the colleagues at PlayStation Lifestyle, where it is stated that PS5 Pro would include AMD AI upscaling technology, allowing to improve the appearance that all the video games on the new console would look like. “We just completed AI enablement for our entire portfolio: you know, cloud, Edge, PC, and our embedded devices and gaming devices. We’re enabling our gaming devices to improve using AI and 2024 is the big year of implementation. So now the foundation is there, the capabilities too,” said AMD CTO, Mark Papermaster.

Therefore, taking into account that PS5 Pro is the only more powerful console expected this year, it is most likely that it can include this very interesting technology for the world of gaming. For the moment, logically, this is just speculation so we will have to see what Sony and AMD’s plans are in this regard.

PS5 Pro would hit the market in November

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For the moment, the rumors about PS5 Pro claim that the console would be available on the market next November, so in the coming months, the first official details of the new console that Sony would be preparing for its landing in the final stages should begin to be known. As we said, the PlayStation Showcase seems the most likely scenario for it.

So, all we have to do is wait to find out all the news that Sony is preparing regarding PS5 Pro and know all the features and functions that the machine will include.

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