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Sci-fi action-adventure Hubris will launch on PS VR2 on PS5 after PC VR release

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Sci-fi action-adventure Hubris will launch on PS VR2 on PS5 after PC VR release

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Article: David Caballero – Gamereactor.cn

There are several notable differences in the past Gamescom compared to the three-year hiatus, one of which is the increase in the number of fun virtual reality games. At Gamereactor we discussed Fast Travel Games, Dark Slope or Hellsweeper, not to mention Cosmonious High or The Last Worker, but today we wanted to focus on the game we spend more time on: Hubris of Cyborn.

In the video below, engine engineer Wouter Beert says, “We tried to make a game that would be accessible to a wide audience, but still appeal to those who are familiar with VR and are looking for a big VR game,” “so we started this action-adventure There are a lot of platforms in the genre and of course a really good narrative to keep them all together, and as the game progresses you get more and more challenges while still experiencing new and beautiful worlds.”

Arrogance is fun in terms of visual fidelity, immersive details (like feeling bumps on the floor, face models or how to prevent graphic clipping) and the variety of but not too intense types of action it offers (including shooting, climbing, or Explore and handle different objects.Think Star Wars: A Story at Galaxy’s Edge meets Lonely Echo II

Although we’re using the Quest 2 in the video, it’s in PC VR (Rift) mode, as the game will release on desktop VR first before the end of the year, “for all major headsets.” After that, the developers “will put some time into the Quest 2 port,” however, it won’t make it to the older generation of VR on Sony’s PS4, as the PlayStation port will be “PS5 and PS VR2 only,” given that glasses are recommended.

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The game will be Cyborn’s first foray into the new sci-fi transmedia saga, and in its “considerable story,” you’ll take on the role of a recruit sent by Triple-O to find Agent Cyanha in the Twin Factory system. Its activity will last about four to five hours.

This article and pictures are used with permission from Gamereactor, the original text is published here

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