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Misano Adriatico, killed with a gym barbell: the murderer will not have a life sentence

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Misano Adriatico, killed with a gym barbell: the murderer will not have a life sentence

On the left Nicola Donadio, on the right Edi Zegarac, in the background the place of the murder

I wanted to ask him to withdraw an old lawsuit. I waited for him at dawn, at 6 o’clock because I knew that every day he would come home at that time. I hid behind the door and hit him with a gym barbell. It was last January 12 when Zegarac Edi, 54 years old of Slovenian origin but with Italian citizenship confessed of having just massacred Nicola Donadio, 47, inside the container in which he lived in the Casacce area in Misano Adriatico, in an area that iThe municipality had intended for a group of poor residents. He Zegarac, had hidden in the bathroom and confessed as soon as the carabinieri entered the building, in front of the prosecutor Luigi Sgambati.

The psychiatric report

Nine months after the lawyer of the self-confessed murderer, Giudo Caparrini, asked for the abbreviated procedure conditional on the psychiatric report, which has yet to be done. It will have to be established whether Zegarac Edi was actually capable of understanding and willing when he killed Donadio. Meanwhile, the prosecutor did not ask for premeditation or the aggravating circumstance of futile reasons. All circumstances that despite the accusation of voluntary homicide, suggest that it is unlikely that the killer will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The first quarrel for a planter

Clocking Edi, unemployed a former worker for thirty years on the Riviera. He also lived in the Casacce area in an area that the municipality had designated to families in difficulty. Victim and murderer were therefore neighbors and there was no good blood between the two. In July of 2021 following a dispute Donadio had actually expressed his will to sue Zegarac. And so he did a little later, denouncing him for injuries. The quarrel, for the record, seems to have broken out for reasons of neighborhood: the stone of the scandal the placement of a planter.

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