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Season 20 Mechanical Revamp “Apex Legends: Breakout” – PCM

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Season 20 Mechanical Revamp “Apex Legends: Breakout” – PCM

The highly anticipated next season of “Apex Legends” is set to be released on February 13th, and players can expect some exciting new updates. The new season, “Apex Legends: Breakout”, will introduce a new “Hero Upgrade” system, a revised points competition system, and a new mixed mode map.

One of the major updates in the new season is the introduction of the “Hero Upgrade” system. As players progress in the game, they will be able to develop more personal styles of play by upgrading their characters’ skills and abilities. This new system will bring more dynamics to each battle and allow players to customize their gameplay experience.

In addition to the new hero upgrade system, the game will also feature a revamped points competition system. The points competition will now reward players for engaging in high-risk and high-reward battles, with additional points being awarded for kills, game rankings, and defeating higher-ranked teams.

The new season will also feature a renovated map called “Thunder Arena” that adds a mixed mode for quick hits and team death matches. This new map will support more gameplay methods, and players can expect to see more new tactics and strategies in the game.

Furthermore, players can look forward to a new “Breakthrough” battle pass, which will include new legendary weapon skins, epic skins for various characters, emotes, weapon charms, and stickers. Additionally, a new hero will be unlocked for free every two weeks during the season.

Overall, the new season of “Apex Legends” is set to bring a host of exciting updates and improvements to the game. Players can expect to see new gameplay elements, improved rewards, and additional story-related interactions in the game. The new season is scheduled to be launched on all platforms on February 13th, so players should mark their calendars and get ready for an action-packed experience.

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