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Social, apps, NFT, microchips and data: Fifa and the tech side of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

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Social, apps, NFT, microchips and data: Fifa and the tech side of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

I am now at the gates World Cup 2022, the highest global football competition, a test bed not only for teams, athletes and institutions but also to test the level of a technology that wants to be increasingly at the service of football. And of the players.

Qatar 2022

TVs, projectors, soundbars and streaming: how to best see the 4K World Cup

by Giacomo Barbieri, Emanuele Capone, Simone Cosimi, Dario d’Elia, Antonio Dini, Bruno Ruffilli

Statistics a app

Starting from the appointment in Qatar, players will be able to get a complete picture of their performance thanks to a new app developed by Fifa in collaboration with FifaPro: it’s called Fifa Player App and will give each player the ability to access their individual data immediately after each match.

Professional footballers, responding to interviews and surveys, have expressed the desire to have as many elements as possible to analyze their performance, a desire born of the players themselvesincreasingly involved in technology and careful to improve their performance by relying on data.

Stadiums and cameras

All this is also possible thanks to a system consisting of multiple cameras positioned around the field to ensure maximum coverage of the players. The metrics include the distance traveled at various speed thresholds, the number of actions above 25 km / h and the maximum speed, all displayed on heat maps place them. In addition to the game phase, the line breaking events, the receiving positions and the pressure applied to the player in possession of the ball will emerge, which the protagonist of the event will be able to review through the different camera angles.

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Con the Fifa Plus app, available in 11 different languagesfor the fans present inside the stadium will be possible unique experiences during the match: from the possibility of review the actions of the VAR access to augmented reality images and from different angles thanks to the camera system.

The official match ball, called Al Rihla

The official match ball, called Al Rihla

Semi-automated offside, even the ball is tech

Another protagonist of the World Cup in Qatar (but in Premier League aim to have it already from 2023-2024), this too is possible thanks to the 12 cameras installed in each single new stadium, in addition to those of the televisions, which track 29 data points of each individual player, indicating its position with even greater accuracy in the field. A kind of complete mapping. However, to make the actual analysis of the player’s position complete and accurate, there is a microchip installed in the ball that allows you to do the same thing even with the ball, only in a more intensive way. The ball is therefore also tech. But where is this huge amount of data headed? In the VAR room, which by now we have also begun to know in our Serie A championship but which in Qatar will also receive signals about the movement of the ball 500 times per second. Data that is forwarded to a computer specifically and solely dedicated to offside, which verifies and communicates the decision to the VAR and thereferee on the field.

I social network

Essential by now for athletes, they will be available for every single player (and directly in the app) photographs taken during key moments of every World Cup match. Players will be able to save or share photos on social media, along with their favorite match stats with their target audience. The space dedicated to social media in the app is also a space for the creator economy thanks to the The Fifa World Cup Daily by HiSensea real daily show that will find celebrities, creators, influencers and various personalities from the world of football gathered for fans every day for a daily recap of the day.

The homepage of the site dedicated to Fifa Plus Collect

The homepage of the site dedicated to Fifa Plus Collect

NFT and content

Fifa Plus actually becomes the first free digital football entertainment platform in the world, which allows the use of some content, exclusive and unique: through the app it is possible to watch in streaming the equivalent of 40 thousand live matches a year, involving at least 100 football federations from all 6 confederations, guaranteeing coverage live both of the most important European championships and of the less famous competitions from all over the world, including not only men’s football, but also youth and women’s football. The app was therefore already born before the World Cup, it is free and contains, in addition to the matches, also the archive matches, thus allowing fans to review unique moments of the historical matches of the past. There new dedicated to Qatar 2022 is the NFT platform of the football federation which will be based on the Algorand blockchain, a cryptocurrency (called Algo) based on an autonomous blockchain, which technology is now used by over 2 thousand organizations, governments and applications around the world and founded byItalian Silvio Micali, Professor of Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The new dedicated NFT platform that will act as an infrastructure for the exchange of tokens launched by the federation it’s called Fifa Plus Connect (this is the site): “This announcement is an exciting moment for FIFA, which officially enters the world of blockchain and the opportunities it presents in different applications – he told us. Romy Gai, chief business officer of the federation – At FIFA we must constantly strive to identify and explore the most advanced meansavant-garde, sustainable and transparent to increase revenues and continue to support the development of global football “. Lopportunity for fans is to get the new tokens affordable unique in a collection obviously dedicated to the most iconic moments in the history of the competition, as well as various images depicting the same World Cup.

Sport e blockchain

After Serie A and baseball, Sorare’s NFTs are also in NBA basketball

by Emanuele Capone

And the metaverse?

“This debated”. we could write today more than ever, after the collapse of Meta on the Stock Exchange (in 9 months the metaverse burned about 9.4 billion), which made us tremble and doubt the soundness of Zuckerberg’s vision and the whole world of Big Tech with the only exception at the time of Apple. It is still premature to express a definitive verdict, but Fifa still took the field in the metaverse, even if it would be more appropriate to talk about gamification or in any case of an important investment on the platform Roblox, with the aim of bringing even the younger generations closer to the historic tournament. Those that our Italy at the World Cup have probably never seen. On the occasion of the 2022 edition in Qatar it was born Fifa World, a space in the metaverse dedicated to fans from all over the world developed on the Roblox platform.

And if these World Cups go down in history why played in winter, and not in summer as usualthey will also do so for technologies such as the latter: Fifa World is “a virtual environment that celebrates the strength of football elunrivaled history of its most popular competitions ”and its access will be free. All users will be able to attend social spaces, earn rewards and collect exclusive virtual items through games of skill, even away from the playing fields of Qatar.

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