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Solar package I: Operating balcony power plants is becoming easier

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Solar package I: Operating balcony power plants is becoming easier

Operating balcony power plants is becoming easier: The federal government approved Solar Package I on April 15, 2024. PR/Business Insider

On April 15, 2024, the federal government decided on the so-called Solar Package I. It is intended to accelerate solar expansion and reduce bureaucracy in the operation of solar systems. The operation and installation of balcony power plants are also becoming easier. By 2030, 80 percent of electricity should come from renewable energies, and by 2045 Germany should be the first industrial nation to be climate neutral. The legislative package adopted is intended to help achieve these goals. We summarize the details of Solar Package I and show you an affordable entry-level balcony power plant.

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solar power and Balcony power plants are in trend. In 2023 alone 300,000 new mini solar systems for homes registered. The total over a million new photovoltaic systems for commercial and private use in total 14.6 gigawatts. But about the until 2045 desired Climate neutrality To achieve this, the federal government has set itself even higher expansion goals: 2026 should already 22 gigawatts to be built up for 2030 are ambitious 215 gigawatts the goal. Then should 80 percent of gross electricity consumption comes from renewable energies be covered.

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To ensure that this goal does not remain a pipe dream, the traffic light government initially had it in 2023 Renewable Energy Act (EEG) adopted. This ensures that the expansion of renewable energies priority receives. The next step on the way to climate neutrality is this 15. April 2024 decided Solar package I. The Federal Network Agency had already simplified the registration of balcony power plants as of April 1, 2024. The solar package now ensures that the Installation and the Operation of photovoltaic systems for the balcony easier become. Also the Solar expansion at the municipal level should more uncomplicated become.

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In order to finally come into force, the legislative package still has to pass the Bundestag and Bundesrat, but both are considered likely. What points are included in Solar Package I?

Community building supply and tenant electricity: cheap solar power for everyone?

Part of the solar package is the so-called instrument “Community building supply”. This specifies that cost-effective solar power from the roof should be passed on directly to the renting residents of apartment buildings. Also a possible one interruption The solar package regulates the power supply. Anyone who rents should independently get a cheap supplementary electricity tariff for electricity that is not covered by cheap photovoltaic electricity.

In addition, in the future Tenant electricity also on commercially used buildings and Ancillary facilities such as garages receive funding – provided the electricity generated there is immediately (i.e. without network connection) consumed. Several Investments should summarized in order to avoid disproportionate technical requirements.

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More commercial photovoltaic systems, less bureaucracy

Have had photovoltaic systems so far more than 100 kilowatts installed capacitythe operator was to Direct marketing obligated. In the future, the excess amount will be allowed passed on directly to the network operators become. That’s what it’s for no compensationbut they also fall no direct marketing costs at. This is intended to encourage more photovoltaic systems on roofs to install.

In addition, a Facility certificate only after the solar package comes into force from 270 kilowatts of fed-in power or 500 kilowatts of installed power necessary.

More sustainable use of open spaces for solar parks

The solar package also regulates how Open spaces for the expansion of solar parks more sustainable be used. Translated, this means: No more free space should be used for the installation of large solar systems. The combination of: Agricultural land and photovoltaic modules are supported – we’re talking about it here Agri-PV. The thought is this Multiple use of these areas Safeguarding agricultural interests. Also sealed surfaces should be used more, for example Photovoltaic systems in parking lots promoted.

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Less bureaucracy for balcony power plants: Solar Package I brings these improvements

What improvements or simplifications does Solar Package I bring with it for private individuals? Here are the points defined in the legislative package at a glance.

Balcony power plants can be registered more easily: Mini solar systems must be registered with the network operator not necessary anymore. That’s enough Registration in the market master data register the Federal Network Agency. Significantly less information needs to be provided than before.

Balcony power plants are allowed to produce more power: The registration of mini photovoltaic systems that have a pre-installed output of up to two kilowatts as well as an inverter output of up to 800 Volt-ampereswill be easier in the future.

Reversing counters are temporarily permitted: A temporary one installed Bidirectional counter is allowed. For the transition, mini solar systems are allowed to use old meters that can run backwards. This will make the The amount of electricity to be paid is lower.

Schuko plugs will probably be allowed in the future: There hasn’t been an explicit ban on chocolate plugs yet, but they will be allowed in the future expressly can be used – as soon as with the relevant ones associations one Norm was developed for this purpose. This makes installation easier.

Affordable entry-level balcony power plant on offer at Netto

Does the topic of solar energy or balcony power plants make you interested in getting into self-sufficiency in electricity? Then it might be worth taking a look at the current balcony power plant offering at Netto*. It includes a double solar module with an inverter; depending on your preference, you can switch back and forth between 600 watts and 830 watts.

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