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“Sonic Frontier” has decided to release a free major update! | NOVA Information Plaza

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“Sonic Frontier” has decided to release a free major update! | NOVA Information Plaza

The third update will add new playable characters and a new story
Seya Co., Ltd. announced that PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4/Nintendo Switch™/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/PC (Steam) game software “Sonic Unknown Frontier” will be released in 2023 Free major updates.

The free major update is expected to include various new elements such as new models and clothing. Release dates and details of each update will be announced at a later date. Please look forward to “Sonic Unknown Frontier” with more diverse gameplay!
※Additional contents and names are subject to change without prior notice.

■ “Sonic’s Christmas Costume” will be released as downloadable content (DLC) for free!

In the lead up to a major update, the free DLC “Sonic’s Christmas Costume” will be released on December 22. Starfall Islands ushered in the Christmas season? !
Dress up in Sonic’s Christmas costume and run across a vast area!
■Updates for a better gaming experience are now available
In order to enjoy a better gaming experience, players are also requested to apply the updated information.

【Main update content】
・Fixed an issue where the boss might disappear when rechallenging the boss battle of Cronus Island.
・Fixed the problem that the large mechanism of Caius Island was cracked, but it was still displayed as unsolved on the map.
・Fixed the problem that the Xbox series S cannot select the performance priority mode.
After applying the correction file, you will be able to select “Performance Priority/Quality Priority” from the Settings of Options > Video > Video Quality.
If you are currently using Xbox series S to play, it will be automatically changed to “Performance Priority”.
Please freely set your preferred image quality from the options.
For other details, please visit the official website of “Sonic Frontiers Uncharted” (https://asia.sega.com/SonicFrontiers/cht/).

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■What is “Sonic Uncharted Frontier”

“Sonic Frontier” is a new action-adventure game where you can run freely on a vast island with Sonic’s unique supersonic movements.
Set on the stage of the unknown island “Starfall Islands” where ancient civilizations sleep, Sonic will start a new adventure on the island full of mysterious and strange enemies.
This work is a next-generation checkpoint action game that expands the world map and evolves it into a “playable world map”. Through the organs set up on each map, players will no longer be limited to the concept of the track, and will be able to enjoy a full range of high-speed gameplay.
In the “playable world map”, there are various elements such as “combat”, “puzzle solving”, “side missions”, and “cyber space”. These can be done freely according to the player’s play style.

■Digital Deluxe Edition set content
・”Sonic Frontier Uncharted” main game
・Additional download content “Seeker’s Treasure Box”
・Digital art book and digital mini-soundtrack
※Please refer to the official website for details.

【Product Information】
Product Name: Sonic Frontier Unknown
gaming platform :
PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4/Nintendo Switch™/
Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/PC(Steam)
※Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC only sell the download version
Release date: On sale (November 8, 2022 (Tue) release)
Game language: Traditional Chinese・Simplified Chinese・Korean・English subtitles/Japanese・English voice
Sales: Seya Co., Ltd.
Game Rating: Universal
Copyright mark: ©SEGA
Official Website: https://asia.sega.com/SonicFrontiers/cht/
SEGA Asia official website: https://asia.sega.com/cht/
SEGA Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sega.asiacs
SEGA official Weibo: http://weibo.com/segamobile
SEGA ASIA BLOG : https://asiablog.sega.com/
■ The company names and product names described in this article are the registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.

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