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Spotify launches a new feature “Playlist in a Bottle”, making a time capsule playlist for next year’s self

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Spotify launches a new feature “Playlist in a Bottle”, making a time capsule playlist for next year’s self

Make a playlist for yourself next year! Spotify recently launched a new function “Playlist in a Bottle” based on the idea of ​​”Message in a Bottle”, which can be used by free or paying users. It will ask some questions, match the user’s usual taste in listening to music, and help create a playlist for you. Use music to seal up the current mood, and wait for the next year to reminisce. This event is only open until January 31 this year. Users who participate in the event will receive a message from Spotify in January 2024, opening the dusty time capsule for you again.

So how to make this time capsule playlist? At present, this function can only be operated on mobile devices. Users must update Spotify to the latest version and click on the link “spotify.com/playlistinabottle” to open the “Playlist in a Bottle” function. The interface is very delicate. In the first step, you need to choose your favorite time capsule from options such as glass bottles, lunch boxes, teddy bears, and jeans pockets; then the system will guide users to answer a series of questions, such as: “A song 2023 The song you must hear live this year”, “A song that will remind you of your favorite person”, “The song you will play when you kiss someone this year”, etc. You can enter the answer after thinking carefully, or You can click the “Random” button on the right side of the reply column to let Spotify choose suitable tracks based on your usual listening taste.

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Finally, the screen will display a list of all the songs you have just selected, and users can decide whether to add new songs according to their preferences. After confirming, press the “LOCK IN” button, and your space-time capsule playlist will be sealed. After the song list is made, Spotify will also provide the time capsule pictures selected at the beginning, so that everyone can share them on social platforms and invite friends to join in the grand event.

When January 2024 comes, Spotify will re-send this playlist, which is like a message in a bottle, to users, recalling the mood and selection of a year ago together. Before the function ends on January 31 this year, hurry up and make your “Playlist in a Bottle”, make some hopes in the new year of 2023, and plant a surprise for yourself next year!

Spotify Playlist in a Bottle:spotify.com/playlistinabottle

Text arrangement: Emerald/musician’s nest editorial department
Source: Loudwire, Spotify

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