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SumUp cash register system: Simply cash in without being tied to a contract

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SumUp cash register system: Simply cash in without being tied to a contract

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Small companies in retail, catering or the service sector do not need an extensive and complex system infrastructure when it comes to the point of sale. Nevertheless, they also usually rely on a secure option for transaction processing and item management. Accepting payments, managing cash receipts, accessing transaction history or making refunds – it’s quick and easy with the SumUp POS Lite cash register system.* With the smart software, you as a small business are particularly flexible because there is no contractual obligation.

What is SumUp POS Lite?

The SumUp POS Lite is a cash register system designed to provide small businesses in particular with an affordable and user-friendly solution for their point-of-sale needs. As a counter cash register system, it is specifically tailored to retail, catering and service providers.

The smart cash register software does not require a contract and the running costs for you are 0.00 euros per month. A small fee of 1.39 percent is only charged for each payment accepted via the card terminal.

These are the advantages of the SumUp cash register system

The SumUp POS Lite cash register system makes the payment process particularly easy. Further advantages of the all-in-one solution for small businesses can be found below:

Easy setup: The system is quick and easy to set up, so entrepreneurs can start selling immediately without having to go through lengthy installation processes.

Intuitive user interface: The software is designed to ensure simple and intuitive operation, allowing employees to quickly become familiar with the system.

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versatility: SumUp’s POS Lite point of sale system supports various payment methods including credit cards, debit cards and contactless payments to meet the needs of all customers.

Reporting and Analysis: Comprehensive reporting features enable business owners to analyze their sales data and make informed business decisions to further optimize their business.

Cost savings: With an affordable price, SumUp’s POS Lite point of sale system offers a cost-effective solution for small businesses without compromising on performance.

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With the SumUp cash register system you remain flexible as there is no contractual obligation. You can sell easily and conveniently, benefit from faster cash flow and also offer your customers a completely seamless payment experience. Whether Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Google Pay or Apple Pay – the payment options are diverse and transactions run smoothly. In the event of a cash audit by the tax office, you will also have all sales data clearly available at all times.

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