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Swipe at Netflix goes too far

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Swipe at Netflix goes too far

With this action, Prime Video Germany unfortunately shot itself in the foot more than it helped. In a tweet, the streaming service has raised awareness of Netflix’s ban on shared accounts. Prime Video, on the other hand, could be used by anyone who knows the password of an account. The turnaround was not long in coming.

Amazon makes a fool of itself: But no official OK for shared passwords

The tweet has been deleted, the good news has disappeared: for a short time, the German offshoot of Amazon’s streaming service Prime Video indirectly let it be known via Twitter that Sharing passwords is okay. In this way, the streaming offer could be used without all users having to pay for it or by having several households share an account.

Under the equally ambiguous and unmistakable message “Do you know”, the official account of Prime Video Germany shared a view of the Home of Prime Video, where users can select the profile of whoever wants to stream: “Who’s watching?”

Does the Netflix ban go against the grain? We present the alternatives:

As a suitable broadside to the competitor Netflix, which had officially heralded the end of account sharing in Germany shortly before, there were five profiles among them. Their names together provide the answer to the question: “Anyone With My Password” – exactly what Netflix is ​​now banning customers from doing.

However, Prime Video quickly made the tweet disappear again – the colleagues at heise online documented it. In retrospect, it is clarified: “Prime customers are according to the Amazon terms and conditions responsible for ‘ensuring the confidentiality of the account and password’. Sharing the account and password with third parties violates this,” explains the head of Prime Video Germany’s press office.

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Happy too soon: Prime Video customers also have to protect their passwords

So it says for German streaming customers of Prime Video happy in vain. Netflix may be the only streaming provider to date to take active action against shared accounts. However, this does not mean that passing on passwords to other services is far from acceptable.

In the tech industry in particular, it is not uncommon for the big names to poke fun at each other. For example, Samsung likes to gossip about its competitors – and vice versa. But as in the current example, it can also backfire.

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