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The 2 reasons (plus one) why people are returning Vision Pros to Apple

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The 2 reasons (plus one) why people are returning Vision Pros to Apple

More than dissatisfaction, curiosity that has run out: judging by it posts on social networks (especially on Threads and Twitter)what appears to be a significant number of early purchasers of the Vision Pro are returning their devices to Apple.

Not because they are broken or not working, let’s be clear: like many other companies, the Cupertino one also allows returns within 14 days of purchase, “no questions asked”, that is, without having to provide particular explanations. Which is what’s happening in the United States.

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Apple Vision Pro and the desire to appear

Most of those have announced and communicated the return on social media, from what we have been able to verify, they mainly give two explanations: the weight and the reduced occasions of use. It is likely that there is also a third, namely curiosity and the desire to show off the device.

Online there has been a real invasion of videos (many of them even of dubious authenticity) of people who had themselves filmed while walking around with the Vision Pro on, in a bar, at a restaurant, on the subway and so on: these are videos that worked well or very well on TikTok, bringing a lot of views and a lot of attention. And the return policy of Apple made it possible to obtain all this at zero cost: you make the purchase, you try the product, you use it to brag on social media, you return it, you get your money back.

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It is made (and here we come to two main reasons) because it would be uncomfortable to wear and also too expensive for what you can do with it.

Il first pointalso highlighted by many American YouTubers, has to do not so much with the weight of the device (about 650 grams, more or less like the Meta Quest 3) but with the distribution of this weight, all moved to the front. It weighs on the nose, in short. What’s more: from what emerges from many tests, the support band seen in Apple’s commercials and promotional material, the beautiful one, made of high-quality material and made with obsessive care, would further increase discomfort and would not be adequate to effectively support the Vision Pro in the long term. So much so that Apple (Apple, which usually gives nothing away) it includes another one in the packageless beautiful and little talked about but more practical, with a braided lacing similar to the one used by the Quest 3.

Related to this inconvenience there would be other problems: heachacheneck pain, feeling of nauseared or burning eyes, too after a few tens of minutes of use. It must be said that it is a problem common to other augmented or virtual reality viewers, as anyone who has used them knows. With the difference, however, that the others don’t cost 3500-4000 dollars.

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Poche app per Apple Vision Pro?

The other point, which combined with the previous one makes the product less appetizing than one might have assumed at the beginning, it’s the scarcity of opportunities for use: at least for the moment, there are few games, few dedicated apps, few professional software that can justify such an expense.

The feeling, according to some testimonies, is that get a job done using the Vision Pro is more tiring than doing it with a mouse and keyboard: “Much cooler, but also more tiring”, we read in some posts on social media.

We wrote “at least for the moment” because that’s how it is: several of those who announced the return of Apple Vision Pro said they were interested in get your hands on a possible next generationwith the idea that perhaps the product came to market too early.

Furthermore, it is not unlikely in the future the problem of scarcity of applications disappear: Cisco has just recently unveiled a new version of its app Webex designed precisely for the Vision Pro, with which “you can participate in remote meetings in an immersive and three-dimensional way, with the possibility of using your hands to open and close other applications in virtual reality”, as well as having features such as Persona and Spatial Audio. As explained, it is already available in the App Store of visionOS. Only for those who didn’t return the headset, of course.


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