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The 2024 trends for physical security according to Genetec

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The 2024 trends for physical security according to Genetec

According to the ranking of Genetec among the 2024 trends that will guide the physical security industry, we must mention the convergence between IT and physical security, greater demand for hybrid cloud solutions, modernization of access control.

IT and security teams will be more united

Over the next year, companies will look to strengthen collaboration between IT and physical security departments. Combining these two skill sets will result in more effective risk mitigation and data optimization. Industry leaders are looking to integrate more and more IT expertise into their organizations. At the same time, SecOps (Security Operations) departments will expand their functions to address physical security risks and make the most of data from both groups.

Need for a unified and connected approach

IT will increasingly bring physical security into its sphere and will begin to become increasingly interested in this area. The need for unified, cloud-connected solutions will continue to grow collaboration between departments. This unified, connected approach will help professionals gain insight into evolving systems and threats to use data more effectively.

2024 trends for physical security

Access control modernization will remain a top priority in 2024. To simplify the complexities ofupdate, many companies will move to a hybrid cloud model and install cloud-ready access control solutions. This will allow you to strengthen security, from doors to networks, thanks to continuity in innovation and cybersecurity updates.

Modernize access control on top of investments

Over the next year, we will also see greater demand for open access control solutions. Companies want the freedom to add and connect the best technologies available: from building management systems to life and safety solutions, from human resources management software to mobile credentials. Many companies will also reach an inflection point in management separate video and access control systems. We will observe a shift towards the unification of systems, with the aim of achieving greater efficiency, simplifying monitoring activities and maintenanceincreasing production and reducing costs across the entire company.

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Hybrid cloud adoption is growing

The physical security industry will see a sharp increase in hybrid cloud adoption across medium to large enterprises this year. According to Genetec’s latest survey of 5,500 security professionals, 44% of companies already have more than a quarter of their physical security installations in a cloud or hybrid-cloud environment. And 60% of organizations admit that would prefer hybrid cloud as a long-term strategy. As cloud adoption increases, so does interest in new plug-and-play, cloud-ready devices that simplify access to cloud services and power edge computing.

The 2024 trends for physical security according to the Genetec ranking

We will also see a greater focus on the use of data in the cloud and associated costs. Users will increasingly use cloud-managed appliances to store heavy data such as videos. Organizations will seek the expertise of channel partners to explore real possibilities that go beyond security for maximize investments in hybrid cloud. This will create a profitable opportunity for partners to focus their efforts on value-added services to help customers overcome new challenges. While generating a recurring and sustainable business.

The growth of IIoT devices

The market is seeing a surge in the availability of physical security devices and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors. Organizations across industries are adopting these technologies to not only increase data diversity in their security deployments, but also to break down a siled approach between systems and recover valuable information.

Physical security solutions with more features

Those who choose an open, API-centric architecture, combined with a unified approach, will gain the most advantages in time. This will allow you to combine and analyze multiple data sources to help inform new strategies and maximize returns from all technology investments. As the amount of available data continues to increase, many organizations will also look for ways to digitize and automate workflows to support operators. Consequentially, will grow demand for physical security solutions with built-in analytics, automation tools and visual dashboards.

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