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The best Bluetooth headphones under €100 in 2024, EarFun Wave Pro in the test

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The best Bluetooth headphones under €100 in 2024, EarFun Wave Pro in the test

With the Wave Pro, EarFun has brought new Bluetooth headphones onto the market, which, despite the price of under €100, are designed to keep up with significantly more expensive models.

The Wave Pro have, among other things, Hi-Res Audio certification, support for the LDAC codec and a battery life of an incredible 80 hours.

There are also “Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Composite Dynamic Drivers” and a particularly good ANC (run by manufacturer).

It all reads absolutely fantastic. But what does it look like in practice? How good are the EarFun Wave Pro here? Let’s find out in the test!

At this point, many thanks to EarFun for providing the headphones for this test.

EarFun Wave Pro im Test

The EarFun Wave Pro are “large” over-ear Bluetooth headphones. Although big is somewhat relative here, because these are of course tailored to use on the go. Accordingly, these are not particularly large studio headphones.

As far as the quality of workmanship and the general impression are concerned, I am very satisfied! The headphones are well built for the price range, although they are largely made of plastic. Only the headband is reinforced with metal.

The design is quite simple. We have black headphones with a silver accent on the back as well as the earfun lettering.

The headphones are controlled via 5 buttons on the right ear cup. There is also a 3.5 mm AUX input here.

The USB C charging port, however, is located on the left earcup.

A highlight of the Wave Pro is the battery life of up to 80 hours without ANC and 55 hours with ANC. In the test I was able to confirm the rough size!

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Wearing comfort, a major strength of the EarFun Wave Pro!

The wearing comfort is a big plus point of the Wave Pro! The headphones have ear cups that are large enough for my ears, which are very thick and, above all, very softly padded.

The padding chosen by EarFun can only be described as excellent.

The Wave Pro are among the most pleasant and comfortable headphones I have tested so far. They fit my head wonderfully. The headband is also sufficiently soft.

When worn for a longer period of time, the Wave Pro only gets a little warmer, but that’s not unusual.

The bottom line is that I would rate the wearing comfort with a 1-.

Sound adjustable via the Earfun app

The Wave Pro come with support for the EarFun app. You can use the app to adjust the sound of the headphones to your liking.

There are some EQ presets here as well as the option to adjust the EQ completely freely.

You can also choose from various ANC modes via the app and set the “gaming mode”.

Strong ANC

The ANC of the EarFun Wave Pro can be adjusted in three levels.

Deep noise cancellation. Comfortable noise cancellation. Wind noise cancellation

When it comes to deep noise cancellation, the ANC is unsurprisingly the strongest. And yes, this one is really good at blocking out ambient noise, even voices and other more complex sounds.

Sure, straight voices are not filtered out 100%, but they are noticeably attenuated.

However, in my experience, the headphones produce a slight noise and feeling of pressure at this ANC level. Nothing bad, but if you are very sensitive here, you might notice it.

With “comfortable” noise cancellation, this effect is reduced. Nevertheless, the ANC remains quite strong here too!

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Sound of the EarFun Wave Pro

In the following I refer to the standard sound of the headphones without any EQ adjustments.

At first I was pleasantly surprised because the EarFun Wave Pro sound pleasantly harmonious and balanced.

The highs are clear and clean, but not too sharp either. Hissing sounds are rounded off cleanly and the headphones generally don’t sound piercing. In short, I think the highs are very well done. Only if you are looking for “maximum” light and airy highs, then there are even better headphones for you.

The mids are unspectacular. These are a touch lower, but the headphones don’t sound “empty” either. Voices are also well represented. But here the Wave Pro are not exceptional.

The bass is exciting because it fluctuates somewhat depending on the ANC mode. With the ANC at full power, the Wave Pro sound a bit more powerful and powerful than when ANC is off, for example. I like the sound with ANC best. Here the bass has good power and “power”, but is not exaggerated either. So the Wave Pro don’t shake on your head, but they still have a good depth and the headphones sound “fun”.

However, the Wave Pro still remain relatively balanced and do not go to extremes. I like the standard sound signature! The headphones don’t sound boring, but they don’t sound exaggerated either.

The only thing that I’m a bit torn about is that the sound of the EarFun Wave Pro sounds a bit more “distanced”, which also gives the sound a certain spaciousness. Here they remind me a bit of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM 4, which are similar in this respect.

But the bottom line is that the EarFun Wave Pro are well above their price range when it comes to sound!

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Conclusion, another insider tip from EarFun

The EarFun Wave Pro* are great! These are well above their actual price range in all respects. Starting with the wearing comfort, which is outstanding, through the very good ANC to the sound.

The wearing comfort of the headphones is exemplary. The ear cups are sufficiently large and the padding is wonderfully thick and very comfortable.

The ANC can be controlled in several levels and can generally be described as very good! Aside from the €200+ “high-end” headphones, I haven’t heard a better ANC in the price/performance-oriented headphone class.

The sound, on the other hand, is lively, dynamic, but still quite well balanced. The Wave Pro don’t go to extremes, but they don’t sound boring either.


The bottom line is that I think these are probably the best all-round headphones under €100 at the moment!

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