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The diversity and inclusion blog Alley Oop reaches its eight-year mark

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The diversity and inclusion blog Alley Oop reaches its eight-year mark

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Alley Oop – The other half of the Sun, the multi-brand blog of the Sole 24 Ore dedicated to diversity (in a broad sense and not just gender) and inclusion, founded by Monica D’Ascenzo, will be eight years old at the beginning of 2024. The daily online articles, in-depth articles in the newspaper, ebooks, social live broadcasts and events created by Alley Oop aim to keep attention alive on diversity, not only gender but also cultural, economic, religious, LGBT+, disabilities, second generation Italians in a constant comparison between the network of contributors internal to the group’s publications and external ones and the community on social media.

The blog is committed daily to providing information based on numbers, regulatory news, investigations and insights to create a constructive dialogue in the country on the issues of diversity and inclusion, in order to bring to the attention of decision makers issues that cannot missing from the political agenda of our country.

Alley Oop – The other half of the Sun therefore offers relevant content and proposals for concrete actions on various channels to promote the social progress of the country, thanks to the many journalists of the newspaper, the Radiocor and Radio24 press agencies and the network of external contributors which give life, in addition to daily coverage, to specials, ebooks, events, social live broadcasts, podcasts and the newsletter “Alleyweek – News to make the difference”.

The investigation entitled «Femicides and violence are increasing, what are we doing wrong?», published on the blog by Chiara Di Cristofaro and Simona Rossitto, won the recognition in 2023 as “Best newspaper article”, awarded by the Diversity scientific committee in scope of the Diversity media awards. The article appeared in the special #nonseisola created on Alley Oop. The awards reward characters and media content that have stood out for their valorising and inclusive representation of people by gender and gender identity, sexual and emotional orientation, age and generations, ethnicity and disability.

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