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The machine for seeing dreams

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The machine for seeing dreams

What did you dream last night? Do you remember it? Or did the dream vanish when you opened your eyes? To understand the mechanism and meaning of dreams, two researchers from the University of California some time ago created a “dream bank“, a site where the descriptions of almost thirty thousand dreams had by people between 7 and 74 years of age.

A group of Italian artists based in Modena, who introduce themselves under the name of Fusetook these dreams, transformed them into prompts, into commands, for an artificial intelligence that transforms words into images, and created short videos for each dream, an installation emerged, Dreamlike, which leaves viewers speechless. It’s like entering people’s minds, or rather, that remote part of the mind that we call the unconscious. One of the founders of Fuse described the project yesterday in Campidoglio, Mattia Carretti, in an event called “the wonders of artificial intelligence”.

A few hours earlier the news had arrived that the first Neuralink patient, a startup run by Elon Musk, was able to move the pieces of a chessboard just with his thoughts thanks to a microchip that they implanted in his brain to treat a serious pathology. The two things are only apparently unconnected as the scientist confirmed to me at the Capitol Luca Berdondini who leads another project to make our mind communicate with a computer without the need to make implants in the brain. There will come a day, and it doesn’t seem very far away, when when we wake up in the morning we will be able to ask our smartphone to show us the video of what we dreamed. It won’t just be fun, in fact sometimes it won’t be fun at all: it will be a way to learn more about our fears and hidden desires and thus find the key to being happy.

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