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The perfect translation, the test bed for AI

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The perfect translation, the test bed for AI

*founder of Translated, an SME that has been offering professional translations created by experts with the support of technology and AI for over 20 years

I would like to share my passion for one of the most fascinating and complex challenges faced by artificial intelligence: the understanding and translating the language, which I consider the most profoundly human essence in existence. For 25 years I have dedicated myself to teaching machines to translate, an undertaking that, in my opinion, touches the heart of machines’ ability to understand reality in its infinite nuances.

AI RomeCup Special AI can revolutionize learning by Nicola Grandis* 15 March 2024

I founded Translated, the first large-scale commercial application of transformer, the key technology behind innovative solutions like ChatGPT. This invention, specifically developed in 2017 to improve translation between languages, highlighted how large language models essentially function as translators, bridges between questions and answers or between texts in different languages.

The process of creating an accurate translator is particularly complex because it requires precision with no margin for error. Unlike other areas of AI, where multiple responses are acceptable, the translation must be flawless; every little mistake not only makes us smile, but risks quickly frustrating us. This makes it translation is an ideal field for testing the limits of artificial intelligence and push the accelerator towards general artificial intelligence.

IA RomeCup Special The challenge of holistic sustainability by Alfonso Molina* 13 March 2024

I consider language to be the most crucial factor in human evolution; it is the tool through which we express complex concepts, emotions and knowledge. It is what radically distinguishes us from other species on Earth, allowing us to collaborate and plan a common future. In this context, language represents for me the most important problem to work on, since overcoming language barriers can mean an evolutionary step for humanity, facilitating global understanding and collaboration on crucial issues such as climate change and world peace .

I have explored two possible solutions to the language problem: the adoption of a single global language, which appears impractical given the emotional and cultural importance of mother tongues, and the development of perfect translation systems, immediate and economical, to make global communication accessible to all. My research and work focus on this latter approach.

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Special AI This way artificial intelligence will make us read the papyri of Herculaneum by Federica Nicolardi* 14 March 2024

In September 2022, while speaking at the American Machine Translation Association, I reflected on the resources needed to emulate the complexity of human language, including computational power, data volumes, and advanced learning algorithms. Despite progress, much remains to be done to bridge the gap between human and artificial translation capabilities.

Through experiences like mine participation in the Ocean Globe Racean extreme challenge that requires navigating without modern technologies, I was able to reflect on the essence of being human and the relationship between technology and humanity.

What remains for me is to share with you the two main things I understood. The two things to do if you want to create a better world for those who come after you.

One. Never lie to yourself. Don’t put your head in the sand. Never. Human intelligence is not the upper limit of what can exist in nature. There is no law that prevents us from creating an intelligence superior to ours, and soon this will happen. We must accept and embrace this change.

Special AI Personalized medicine between digital twins and brain-machine interfaces by Luca Berdondini* 16 March 2024

Two. Never stop believing in humans. Every time you undertake something that is even slightly bigger than what you thought possible, you are not only growing personally, but you are also setting an example for many people around you. This is the best formula for changing the world for the better and maintaining control over our future. Believe in humanity, believe in yourself. I believe in you.

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