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The worst iPhone ever listed outdated products in November | A wrong iPhone 14 photo and doomed to fail

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The worst iPhone ever listed outdated products in November | A wrong iPhone 14 photo and doomed to fail

The iPhone SE is an entry-level iPhone with a solid and unpretentious body design, and it has successfully captured many users from the Android camp to the iOS platform. But many people don’t know that in 2013, Apple tried to take the route of affordable, multi-color body and launched the first affordable mobile phone iPhone 5c; recently it was rumored that it will be knocked down the list of outdated products in November. Tears of the times? Netizens even said, “It’s not a pity to have no sense of existence!” The horse didn’t even shed a drop of urine.

No repairs available after November

Recently, the online media MacRumors received an internal memo from Apple that the 5c has been marked as an old-fashioned product as early as October 2020, which means that product maintenance has already depended on the supply of parts, or can only provide limited support. And Apple may mark the iPhone 5c as “obsolete” on November 1, ending all repair and service support, and the iPad mini3, which was released in October 2014, will suffer the same fate.

Worst iPhone ever listed out of date in November

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“There’s no point in crying, it won’t change Tim Cook’s mind, how did you get out of 5c yesterday…”

I still remember that someone in Gordon changed the lyrics of “Somewhat Sad and Somewhat Crazy” to change the song to laugh 5c, which shows that netizens look down on this mobile phone (laughs). The iPhone 5c was launched at the same time as the iPhone 5s. It is cheap and multi-colored to give users multiple choices. The idea is correct. The problem is that the price is not really cheap (5c: 16GB/HK$4688, 5s: 16GB=HK$5588)

The difference between 5s and 5c is 900, you know what to pick!

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Affordable and multi-color route is correct |

The hardware uses the same old A6 chip (A7 for the 5s), 4-inch LCD screen, and 8-megapixel rear lens as the previous iPhone 5. After the overnight food is buried, it is moved to the colorful green, blue, yellow, red, and white colors. on a plastic dish. The c in 5c originally represented the color multi-color body selection, and some netizens laughed at “c stands for cheap”. How could anyone want to buy it. In the end, this phone was discontinued in 2015, so relatively young iPhone users did not even know the existence of this phone. This time, the 5c was listed as an “obsolete product”, and the fruit fans did not respond much. The sense of existence is real. low to cry.

Affordable and multi-color route is correct |

Being laughed at, but it has meaning

The 5c isn’t without merit either, it’s the first time Apple has started offering users more color options than black/white. And because the 5c is overpriced, the plastic case is accused of being too cheap, and the CPU is too old and no one wants to use it. There is no failure of this machine. Later, Apple may not correct the above mistakes and make the SE, a successful cheap iPhone.

Apple fixed the 5c bug and made the SE, the successful cheap iPhone.

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5c goes the wrong way, iPhone 14 repeats the same mistakes?

The iPhone 5c sold for 20% less than the iPhone 5s back then, and with older hardware, it proved to be unsuccessful. If the 5c pricing could have been bolder and cheaper that year, it would have been a big success. But the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus seem to have taken the same wrong path, with hundreds of flat parts and old parts. Don’t you see all the netizens calling them friends: “I would rather have a 13 Pro than a 14.” Gui Jiping and the old U’s 14 Plus, I heard that the Xianda has said that he will not buy it before it comes out. It seems that Tim Cook should not have learned his lesson. ?

The iPhone 14 is still a few hundred flat, using the old parts of the previous generation, it seems that Tim Cook should not have learned his lesson?

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