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The Xbox TGS presentation will be sorted out! “Ninokuni: Queen of White Ash” launches remake, “Death Loop” landed on XGP | T Kebang

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The Xbox TGS presentation will be sorted out! “Ninokuni: Queen of White Ash” launches remake, “Death Loop” landed on XGP | T Kebang

Microsoft showcased the latest content from 22 games from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda studios and co-developers to players in Japan, Asia and around the world at its Xbox Live event at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2022.

Xbox announced that “Deathloop” will be launched on the Xbox platform on September 20, and will land on Game Pass on the first day of launch; “Ninokuni: Queen of White Holy Ash”, “New Gun Defence V3: Everyone’s Self” Cannibal Semester Anniversary Edition, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, and Fugue of Battlegrounds will also join the Xbox Game Pass lineup.

Xbox said that in the next 12 months, Microsoft will continue to bring more works from Japanese and Asian creators to Xbox fans through Game Pass, including “Wolong: Heaven’s Fall”, “Hundred Heroes”, “Goddess” “Story” series games, more exciting content is worth looking forward to.

The key game information disclosed at the Xbox TGS conference is as follows:

  • Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey joins Xbox Game Pass today.
  • “New Bullets Refute V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Cannibalism” is now available on Game Pass, and the new “Psycho Cool” theme brings players a new and exciting experience.
  • Strike Force 2 will feature a new hero, Kiriko, on October 5th and will be free to play on Xbox.
  • The remake of Ni no Kuni: The Queen of the White Ash will hit Game Pass on launch day, and the second installment in the series, Ni no Kuni 2: The Return of the Kingdom, will hit Xbox in 2023.
  • Remastered versions of Persona 5 Royal, Persona 4 Gold, and Persona 3 Pocket Edition are coming to Xbox Game Pass.
  • 2021 TGA’s Best Fighting Game, Paladins – Fight – is coming to Xbox Game Pass in Spring 2023.
  • Apocalypse Cross Tag Battle Special Edition will come to Xbox Game Pass in Spring 2023 with all DLC content, allowing players to form dream teams from a total of 8 characters from the series!
  • “Hundred Heroes” has released a new producer interview film, which will land on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox Game Pass in 2023.
  • The multiplayer open-world survival-creation game “Eudemons Palu” is coming to Xbox.
  • Battlefield Fugue is now available on Game Pass!
  • Project Dyson Sphere is coming to PC Game Pass on October 13th.
  • The new 5v5 team action game, Exoprimal, is coming to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One in 2023.
  • The Eternals team has revealed a new chapter in the campaign mode coming in October, with the game coming to Xbox One on December 22nd.
  • Through the development team’s in-depth understanding of “Wolong: Heaven’s Fall”, the game will be launched on Game Pass in early 2023.
  • Dead Loop is coming to Xbox Game Pass on September 20, with an expanded ending and new updates.
  • The Forza Horizon franchise is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and the studio will be celebrating in October.
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The Xbox TGS presentation will be sorted out!

In addition to the release of a rich game lineup, Microsoft Xbox Taiwan has also launched an Xbox Series S Premium Package. Players can purchase the Xbox Series S Premium Package from the official Microsoft Xbox Taiwan distributor from now until the 18th. 2K23″, “Forza Motorsport: Horizon 5”, “Halo: Infinite” and “Microsoft Flight Simulator” to choose a free game number 1 group.

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