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This $4 check could reach a stratospheric figure

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This $4 check could reach a stratospheric figure

“They will auction a check made out to a very special supplier for the two founders of Apple!”

The auction will be carried out by the RR Auction house

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Apple auctions have allowed us to discover fascinating objects, such as the different versions of the original iPhone that we have seen in 2023. But before the end of the year, a collector has unveiled one more surprise. This time, It is a check signed by Steve Jobs with a special story behind it.

Objects signed by Jobs are quite rare and that always means that any new development keeps the followers of the firm and its founder on the lookout. The most recent of these is a check signed by Steve Jobs made out to then-electronics leader RadioShack. But that’s not all: this check has a connection to the origin story of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s first partnership before Apple.

One of the first Apple checks, signed by Steve Jobs, will be auctioned

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak met five years before the founding of Apple, when they joined forces in an “illegal” business, in which they brought together their two passions, pranks and technology. The merge resulted in a blue box.

The blue box was based on information provided by a hacker who claimed that certain sound frequencies directed phone calls, i.e. you could make free long distance calls as if they were local.

The boxes were built using a TRS-80 microcomputer system that Wozniak purchased years earlier from RadioShack. But that’s not all: this check has a connection to the origin story of the first association of. The two Steves managed to sell 200 units of the product and the profit was used to found Apple.

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Years later, one of the first checks issued by the bitten apple company was to the same supplier, which was indirectly key to his first business. And it is the one that will be auctioned in a few days.

According to RR Auction, the check is in “very good condition” and is estimated to sell for more than $25,000. On its official site, you can read the following characteristics:

Exceptional check from Apple Computer Company, 6 x 3, completed and signed by Jobs, “Steven Jobs,” payable to Radio Shack for $4.01, July 23, 1976. Titled “Apple Computer Company,” the check uses Apple’s first official address at “770 Welch Rd., Ste. 154, Palo Alto,” the location of an answering service and mailbox they used while still operating in the famous Jobs family garage. In very good condition.

The offer will end tomorrow, December 6. Although it is estimated that it could reach around $20,000, any surprise is possible, taking into account that at the beginning of the year a similar check exceeded $100,000.

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