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Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W in the test, super compact and super good?

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Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W in the test, super compact and super good?

With its Nexode Pro series, Ugreen has brought new high-end USB chargers onto the market.

These should not only impress with the latest technology, but also with very high quality. The currently smallest model in the Nexode Pro series is the X755 with 65W power.

This is a 3-port USB C and USB A charger with a maximum output of up to 65W.

Let’s take a look at this in the test.

At this point, many thanks to Ugreen for providing the Nexode Pro 65W for this test.

Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W im Test

The Nexode Pro is definitely a premium USB charger, which is visible in both the feel and appearance.

Ugreen relies on a very well-built silver plastic housing. The charger feels valuable and solid.

At 32 x 40 x 54 mm and a weight of 127g, this is relatively compact for a model with 3 ports and a power of up to 65W.

Connections of the Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W

The Nexode Pro 65W has 2x USB C and 1x USB A, which in my opinion is currently the optimal combination.

USB C 1 / 2 – 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3,25A
USB A – 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1,5A, 10V/2,25A

Both USB C ports offer up to 65W according to the USB Power Delivery standard. This means that they are not only suitable for smartphones, but also for smaller notebooks and tablets.

We also have a 22.5W or 18W USB A port with Quick Charge and 22.5W charging.

Up to 65W

Both USB C ports on the Nexode Pro offer up to 65W. However, this only if you use a port. The maximum power of the charger is also 65W.

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If you use several ports at the same time, they will be throttled accordingly. For example, if you use both USB C ports, they will be throttled to 45W + 20W.


Fortunately, the charger supports the PPS standard on all USB-C ports.

3.3 – 11V at up to 4.5A

This is a pleasingly large PPS level. This allows the Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W to charge a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, for example, at +- the full speed (around 40W).

This is not a given for a 65W power supply! Many 65W power supplies only have a PPS level with up to 3A.


PPS stands for “Programmable Power Supply”. Conventional USB Power Delivery offers your smartphone different voltage levels, usually 5V, 9V, 15V and 20V. The smartphone can select one of these levels and charge accordingly. However, with PPS, your smartphone can freely choose a voltage within a certain range, for example 3.3-11V. So if your smartphone thinks it would be ideal to charge at 6.5V, a PPS charger can deliver exactly that voltage.

Some smartphones, such as the Samsung S20/S21/S22/S23/S24 series models, require PPS to achieve maximum charging power. An example of this is charging the S23 Ultra. An S23 Ultra can charge at a maximum of 14W on a conventional USB PD charger, but at 45W on a PPS charger. If your smartphone doesn’t support PPS, it will simply ignore this feature and treat the charger like a normal USB PD charger.

Stress test

I also subjected the Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W to my usual stress test. I loaded the charger with the full 65W for 6 hours. This is done using an electronic load.

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And what can I say, the charger survived this time without any problems. The temperature settled at +- 70 degrees, which is still quite tolerable for a power supply.

Tension stability

Voltage stability is not quite as important with USB C chargers as long as all voltages remain within the limits. Nevertheless, a more stable voltage is of course always a good sign of high quality.

Fortunately, the voltage stability looks good! I would even say this is slightly above average. We only had a slight drop under load, but this can be explained by the contact resistance of the USB C port.

Charging speed and suitability

Expected charging speed Apple iPads +++ Apple iPhones +++ Apple MacBooks ++ Google Pixel +++ Huawei smartphones + OnePlus smartphones + Realme smartphones + Samsung Galaxy smartphones (“S” series) +++ Windows notebooks (Dell XPS, ASUS etc.) ++

+++ = “perfect” maximum possible loading speed to be expected
++ = very high loading speed to be expected
+ = fast loading speed to be expected
0 = “Standard” loading speed to be expected
– = Slow loading speed to be expected
— = not compatible or only suitable to a very limited extent

Basically, the Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W is very suitable for all western smartphone manufacturers!

In combination with the current iPhones, iPads, Google Pixels and Samsung Galaxy S models (+-), this achieves the full charging speed!

This is also well suited for slightly larger devices such as 13 inch notebooks, the Steam Deck, etc.


Finally, let’s talk about efficiency. Here I compare the power consumption of the charger with the power that is output.

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The efficiency of the Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W X755 looks good! This varies between 83% at low load and 90.1% at high load.


Like the other models in the Nexode Pro series, the Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W* is excellent!

Technically speaking, we have a pretty perfect 65W charger with a large PPS level, good efficiency and generally a high-quality appearance.

Yes, the PPS level could theoretically be 0.5A larger (3.3-11V at up to 4.5A), but that’s complaining at a very high level. I can’t think of anything else to criticize.

The dimensions are also at the lower end of what is possible with a 65W charger with 3 ports.

If you are looking for one of the best chargers in the 65W class, then you have found it with the Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W.

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