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Ultra-secure data in transit with Quantum Key Distribution

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Ultra-secure data in transit with Quantum Key Distribution

Making it impossible to intercept data in transit through encryption with Quantum Key Distribution technology developed by Telsy and QTI.

Telsy is the TIM Group’s center of expertise in cybersecurity and cryptography, while QTI – Quantum Telecommunications Italy is the spinoff of the National Research Council. The demonstration took place in Prato, as part of the Invitalia Innovation Roadshow. The Tuscan city offered the context for experimenting with secure communication through quantum physics solutions, between two company headquarters.

In support of the ICT sector

The public demonstration was conducted with a videoconferencing system made ultra-secure by QKD encryption, on a fiber optic connection installed between the Conference Room in via Galcianese and the PIN, headquarters of the Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti Prisma (Prato industrial smart accelerator) project. Dedicated to the innovation, growth and competitiveness of the Prato textile district, the activity of CTE Prisma is financed with a contribution of 3 million euros from the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy (Mimit). It represents a technology transfer center for companies and promotes joint projects between universities and research centres, consultancy and support for startups in the ICT sector.

The role of the Mimit

The event took place as part of the Prato Innovation Roadshow, the fourth stage of Invitalia’s journey, which takes place in the Italian cities that host the Emerging Technology Houses. The project is designed for to promote national services and incentives to support innovative companies and to create networks, activate collaborations with the territories and in the places of innovation, alongside Mimit.

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Ultra-secure data in transit

The security of digital communications is of utmost importance in many sectors today. From online banking to e-commerce, intellectual property protection, national defense and more. The coming advent of quantum computers, however, will make communications future mathematically insecureby virtue of an unprecedented exponential computing power in the factorization of current encryption algorithms.

Unconditional security

Quantum technology offers unprecedented possibilities in the field of security. And the Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system is also safe against quantum computers (“quantum safe”) or other tools with very high computational capabilities. QKD yes substitute to traditional methods for the distribution of cryptographic keys and guarantees unconditional security, exploiting the properties of quantum mechanics. Generate secret keys, shared between interlocutors to protect sensitive data, immune to any attack, present or future. In the event that a key is intercepted, no information can be released, contrary to what happens with today’s encryption systems.

Cutting-edge technology

The QKD system, based on Italian supply chain technology, can be installed in fiber optic communication networks. The constant updating of this technology, at the heart of the collaboration between QTI and Telsy, will be able to guarantee the protection of sensitive and important company communications. With this in mind, various ETCs are equipping themselves with this technology.

With Quantum Key Distribution ultra-secure data in transit

QTI is the first Italian Quantum Key Distribution company that supplies industrial-grade systems and products for quantum networks. Based in Florence, it is a start-up founded in October 2020 by a group of entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers from the National Institute of Optics of the Cnr. The company engineers, develops and manufactures complex QKD-based telecommunications network architectures, with the vision of spreading the use of quantum technologies in industry, government and defense to guarantee the maximum security of digital communications. In 2021 part of QTI company was acquired by Telsy.

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Disseminate quantum safe security solutions

Tommaso Occhipinti, CEO of QTI
The QKD represents an innovative and versatile solution to guarantee the security of communications not only in the government sector, but also in the civil and industrial sectors. The compatibility of this technology with existing network infrastructures allows it to be implemented in multiple scenarios. Transitioning to quantum safe security solutions is an imperative for SMB’s national industries, which need to protect themselves from today’s and tomorrow’s attacks.

Services and experts for tailor-made security

Telsy is the cybersecurity and cryptography competence center of the TIM Group, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Europe. Operating in synergy with other group factories, Telsy supports Intelligence services, managed security solutions (MSS), services provided through the corporate SOC and Cyber ​​Professional Service. All this by providing experts, technologies and infrastructure proprietary solutions for future-proof security tailored to the most demanding business customers. Telsy is subject to the Golden Power regulation as a company that owns activities of strategic importance for national defense and security.

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