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Vodafone, new remodulations in June 2023 for the fixed network

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Vodafone, new remodulations in June 2023 for the fixed network

After the Vodafone remodeling of last May 2023, the telephone operator announced today a new series of price increases for the fixed networkwhich will lead to an increase in the monthly costs of 2.99 Euros.

As reported by MondoMobileWeb colleagues, since yesterday the telephone operator has been taking steps to inform some of its landline customers, in particular some who have subscribed to converging landline and mobile offersthat the monthly cost will increase by 2.99 Euros for the fixed line.

The unilateral modification of the contract was also published on the web page dedicated to Vodafone communications e involves “converging landline offers starting from 7 June 2023”while the list is not clear.

In the communication, Vodafone points out that “to continue investing in the network and better respond to the new traffic needs, starting with the invoices issued from 07 June 2023, and for customers affected by the change who will be informed with a specific personalized communication on the invoice, the cost of the fixed network will increase by 2.99 euros per month”.

The telephone operator points out that “if the customers do not want to accept the contractual changes in question, pursuant to art. 98 septies decies, paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 1 August 2003 n. 259, of Resolution 519/15/CONS and of the General Contract Conditions, may withdraw from the contract or switch to another operator, maintaining their number without penalties or deactivation costs until the day indicated in the same communication, i.e. within 60 days from the date of issue of the invoice, specifying as the reason for the withdrawal “modification of the contractual conditions”.

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