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What experts think of Apple’s VR glasses

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What experts think of Apple’s VR glasses

With the Vision Pro headset, Apple is entering a whole new device category for the first time in almost a decade. To date, virtual reality glasses have been a niche product. However, there is one area for which the Apple device could be particularly well suited.

Opinions on Apple’s new headset are divided among experts – although many agree that it is an impressive product from a technological point of view.

Jeff Chiu / AP

On Monday, the world‘s largest technology company, Apple, announced that for the first time in years it would be venturing into a whole new world and releasing a virtual reality (VR) headset. Strictly speaking, it is probably one of the oldest product categories that the group has ever tackled – the first VR glasses were sold in Silicon Valley as early as 1985. However, the technology has remained a niche to this day: just 8 million devices were sold worldwide last year, according to the market research company IDC.

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