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What is Galaverna? Let’s discover the fascinating phenomenon together

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What is Galaverna?  Let’s discover the fascinating phenomenon together

How well do we know our world? Surely in our daily life we ​​experience situations that are completely explainable but which may seem incredible. From a meteorological point of view, there are many events that leave you speechless. One of these is definitely the galaverna. Let’s find out together what it is.

Surely you have happened to observe the phenomenon in some image from the web or television, but you did not know its name. For the gals indeed it means a particular form of atmospheric precipitation consisting of ice that forms when water droplets in the air freeze on a surface. It therefore occurs in very cold, foggy or humid environmental conditions when the temperature is below the freezing point.

No, don’t call it frost. On the other hand, it differs from it because it is not involved in the supercooling process of the water drops. The galavern is in fact formed when these freeze instantly upon contact with a surface, creating a layer of dense and solid ice. The crystals that compose it are therefore often longer and more pointed than those of other types of frost, giving it a unique appearance.

When water droplets in the air come into contact with a surface, they freeze rapidly, forming the characteristic small jagged ice crystals pointing in the direction of the wind. Over time, these crystals grow and accumulate, creating a thick layer of white or opaque ice on objects such as trees, fences and power lines, creating a visually unique effect.

Also often called calaverna o calabrousas mentioned can create beautiful winter landscapes, as it covers trees and other objects with a layer of sparkling white crystals. Incredible photos of the phenomenon can be found on the net. Huge trees covered with an almost unreal white ice, to really crystallize their shapes in a single moment. Or fences, signs and even entire shelters covered with these incredible ice needles.

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Unfortunately, however, the phenomenon of the galaverna is not without risks, on the contrary, can cause damage to structuresespecially if it accumulates on high voltage lines or on branches and eaves, risking causing them to break under its weight.

Have you ever admired the galaverna phenomenon live? Let us know in the comments.

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