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WhatsApp is about to launch a new feature that will change the rules of the game

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WhatsApp is about to launch a new feature that will change the rules of the game

Meta is about to incorporate a long-awaited feature in WhatsApp Messenger, and it is currently in the beta phase. WhatsApp is bringing a revolutionary change to video calls, but the app still has more surprises up its sleeve.

As one of the most popular instant messaging applications today, WhatsApp Messenger is expected to reach 2.9 billion active monthly users worldwide. The app has been evolving with new features, and the latest updates for iOS and Android have contributed to its popularity.

After the recent news about the introduction of a long-awaited file sending function in WhatsApp, developers have surprised users again with a new feature related to video calls. This new functionality that will soon be added to video calls is currently in the beta phase but is expected to be released in future software updates on both iOS and Android.

The new version in the beta phase of WhatsApp includes a feature that will allow users to share audio during video calls. This means that users can make video calls with friends and family to listen to music together. The feature will be part of the WhatsApp screen sharing functionality and is designed to create a more immersive experience in video calls.

According to WABetaInfo, the new WhatsApp feature “will be available in a future update to the app,” making it one of the most anticipated changes that is expected to arrive soon on iOS and Android. WhatsApp is also preparing to introduce another new feature, allowing users to share statuses in HD. Both of these changes are expected to be available in future updates of the app.

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