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Windows 10/11 Photo APP updates, AI Magic Eraser will also be available in Windows 10 | Txnet

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Windows 10/11 Photo APP updates, AI Magic Eraser will also be available in Windows 10 | Txnet

Microsoft Launches New AI-Based Erase Function in Photos APP for Windows 11

In an exciting development for Windows Insider users, Microsoft has rolled out a new version of the Photos APP (Photos) with an artificial intelligence-based erasure function for Windows 11 preview users. This innovative feature allows users to quickly delete specific content in pictures as needed.

This latest update marks the first time that the Windows 10 Photos APP has received AI-related functions, which include background blurring, background deletion, background replacement, and the new erasing function that was previously launched in Windows 11.

The update is being pushed to both x64 and Arm64 devices, ensuring that users on Windows on Arm devices can also enjoy the new features. The preview version of the Photos app is labeled as version 2024.11020.21001.0, and it is exclusively available to Windows Insider users through the Microsoft Store.

New AI Eraser Function: “Generative Eraser”

Microsoft has introduced a new AI-based eraser function named “Generative Eraser,” leveraging various types of current generative artificial intelligence to improve performance. Users can simply follow the prompts and use the mouse to select the content they want to remove. The AI will automatically delete the content and match the surrounding colors to fill the area, resulting in a seamless picture.

Additionally, users have the flexibility to enlarge or reduce the erase selection area as needed to enhance accuracy. Microsoft has released some examples showcasing the capabilities of this new function.

Other Updates and Clarifications

All new features, including blur background, delete, replace background, and generate wipe functions, are supported in Windows on Arm. The preview version of Windows 10 is the first to receive a photo application with AI enhancements, enabling users to utilize these advanced functions.

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Microsoft’s latest update to the Photos APP demonstrates the company’s commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence to improve user experience and deliver innovative features to Windows users. With the new AI eraser function and other enhancements, Windows Insider users can expect a more immersive and user-friendly photo editing experience.

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