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Xero barefoot hiking shoes on test

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Xero barefoot hiking shoes on test

EThere was a warning. The change to footwear that comes close to feeling barefoot takes some getting used to, according to the instructions in the shoe box. It could be that muscles are being used that are not prepared for it. Oh yeah!

Our first hike, it was more of a dirt road walk, was about 10 kilometers long. What was felt the next morning felt like the sequence of 25 kilometers of mountains. A muscular hangover at its best.

The American brand Xero, founded in Colorado in 2009, is one of the suppliers specializing in barefoot shoes. The company covers running, lifestyle, fitness, there are sandals as well as water and winter shoes and now with the Scrambler Mid model also a hiking shoe. The list price for the product, which is available in different colors for women and men, is 180 euros.

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