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You can finally play co-op with friends and enjoy Forge creations.

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You can finally play co-op with friends and enjoy Forge creations.

to be frank. Halo Infinite starts out in a great way, with a great campaign and fun multiplayer. Granted, it’s a bit rudimentary, but it will be fleshed out. Or so we thought. Nothing happened and then nothing happened and the fans started to get really frustrated.

But starting today, it looks like things might be heading in the right direction. Halo Infinite has now gotten its mainwinter update, which adds a ton of new content – including online collaboration. All of this is detailed at Halo Waypoint, including the following:

• Campaign network co-op mode for up to four players
• Mission replays for campaign missions and side objectives.
• 24 new campaign achievements and 100% completion unlocks
• The Forge (beta) includes visual scripting, bots, increased budget, and more
• Free Level 30 Battle Pass with Halo: Reach themed customization items
• Matching XP (beta) and weekly challenge deck improvements
• Two new arena multiplayer maps created in Forge:
• New multiplayer mode: Covert Single Flag
• New search area option to give players more control over match delays
• Improved Competitive Skills Ranking (CSR) algorithm
• Balance changes affecting Battle Rifles, Plasma Pistols, etc.
• Dozens of bug fixes, including principal achievement fixes

The 343 community writer also shared an excuse to all his fans, explaining that we’ll be getting more content later in 2022:

“Right now, the last thing we want to say is to thank you all for your support over the past year. We know it’s certainly not been the smoothest or fastest journey, but with the winter update, we have an opportunity to thank the community for their dedication and feedback, This is the North Star guiding us to improve the player experience in Halo Infinite.

The Winter Update marks a huge step forward for our game and studio, but it’s just the first step in that evolution. The team is actively working on key player experience priorities across the game to address areas of feedback, and we aim to have another game update by the end of the year.

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Check out the Halo Infinite: Winter Update launch trailer below. Now seems like a good time to jump back into the halo, doesn’t it?

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

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