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you can try it at WWDC, but the prototypes get hot

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you can try it at WWDC, but the prototypes get hot

Although it is now almost certain that Apple AR will be shown at WWDC, its release to the general public could be expected for several months, perhaps even until the end of 2023. Fortunately, however, Apple would have prepared some workstations for Apple AR hands-on during its event in Cupertino.

The news usually comes from Mark Gurman, a well-known Bloomberg journalist insider of the Apple world, that up Twitter he explained that “Apple has built a large facility on the Apple Park campus where it will provide hands-on demo in controlled form of the devices that will be shown during the conference. Apple is planning more demos in the future, throughout the summer. When it will show the device [Apple AR, ndr]will focus on immersive FaceTime in VR, Apple TV+ content and gaming”.

In short, it seems that the there will be plenty of opportunities to test Apple AR: in addition to WWDC, whose audience is traditionally limited to very few members of the press and is mostly made up of developers and students, there will be other settings in which representatives of media they will be able to get an idea of ​​the device.

Also, Gurman always explains that “Apple is discussing the possibility of notifying customers with certain health conditions that they should not buy or use Apple AR due to the impact that AR or VR applications could have on their health conditions. Among them are people with Meniere’s syndrome [una malattia dovuta ad un aumento eccessivo del liquido del labirinto dell’orecchio; ndr]with a history of traumatic brain injury, with post-concussion syndrome, migraine and dizziness”.

Finally, it seems that some testers have discovered that Apple AR would tend to get hot in some situations: the problems would have occurred in the development phase known as Design Validation Testing (DVT), and it is not clear whether or not the Apple AR hardware problems have been resolved in recent weeks.

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