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YouTube may soon let you use the AI ​​voice of your favorite artist

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YouTube may soon let you use the AI ​​voice of your favorite artist

After the issue of the AdBlock stop on YouTube, the time has come to return to referring on these pages to the popular video sharing platform owned by Google. In fact, BigG is reportedly working on a tool that would allow users to use artists’ AI voices for your own content to publish on YouTube.

In this regard, as also reported by The Verge and Gizmodo, Bloomberg was responsible for launching the indiscretion: the Mountain View giant is apparently trying to make agreements with some record companies to obtain the rights to the songs to be used to “train” the aforementioned AI tool. It has emerged in the past that Google and Universal Music were discussing AI, so one of the labels involved could be the latter.

It must be said, however, that for the moment there is nothing official. In any case, Universal Music has just sued Anthropic, a startup linked to former OpenAI researchers, due to the fact that the AI ​​chatbot Claude 2 can potentially spread the lyrics of copyrighted songs without having a licensing agreement. In short, we are in a period in which record companies are trying to get paid for AI uses of the songs.

There could therefore be significant developments in the future, given that on the one hand there is a Google that seems intent on exploiting the potential of artificial intelligence, while on the other the musical world is trying to understand how to “protect itself” and monetize the news. It is therefore not surprising that it is precisely in this period that rumors emerge that BigG is working on a tool that allows users to sing like their idols“replicating” the voice of the latter via AI.

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According to sources, the discussion between Google and the record companies regarding the potential release of a tool of this type is already underway, although for the moment no agreement has yet been reached. Will record companies follow what Grimes did with voice AI? We can only wait and see.

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