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Zscaler Digital Experience Monitoring, AI and Productivity

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Zscaler Digital Experience Monitoring, AI and Productivity

Zscaler expands Digital Experience Monitoring and announces new AI-powered features to support employee productivity. Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX) is a Zscaler cloud integrated solution that provides end-to-end visibility and IT troubleshooting capabilities. Currently, the workforce is dispersed in different geographic areas, resulting in significant challenges for the IT and helpdesk teams. They have to guarantee continuously productivity and at the same time the best user experience for all employees.

Digital Experience Monitoring

With the recent ZDX updates, Zscaler uses AI-powered data. So as to provide IT teams Operations e Service Desk the information, diagnostics, and remediation needed to ensure flawless digital experiences and sustain workforce productivity. Particularly in enterprises where applications, data and their users are widely distributed geographically. Using artificial intelligence can significantly speed up the troubleshooting process. Reducing remediation times from hours, days or even weeks to minutes.

The tracking

The new AI-powered monitoring features of Zscaler ensure greater transparency in the user experience. They offer intelligent solutions to address performance and user issues. Additionally, Zscaler now provides meeting quality metrics for WebEx to refine the user experience. Having, ZDX, already implemented support for UCaaS applications such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. This comprehensive approach to digital experience monitoring enables service teams to maximize digital skills. As well as achieving approximately 70% productivity increase in IT Operations when AI-powered analytics is used.

Think about hybrid work

Dhawal Sharma, Vice President and General Manager of Zscaler
With the move to the cloud, Saas and hybrid working model, it is increasingly challenging for IT teams to monitor performance in environments where applications and data are distributed and users are on the move. Today’s siled network, application and device monitoring tools provide fragmented visibility and are ineffective in zero trust environments, leaving IT teams exposed. These new capabilities provide analytics with greater insights powered by AI. They help IT teams operating in these complex environments deliver digital experiences optimal and an increase in employee productivity.

Zscaler espande la Digital Experience Monitoring

The new features of Zscaler Digital Experience provide insights and diagnostics. Analyzing huge amounts of telemetry data collected between different devices, the user network, ISP and corporate networks, proxies, the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange and applications.

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The solution for IT teams

Enterprise IT teams can now:

  • Get faster resolution times of IT incidents thanks to AI. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning processes, ZDX automates root cause analysis to eliminate fragmented data. Then the drop in attention due to continuous alerts and to prevent IT teams from being singled out as managers.
  • Provide better monitoring of collaboration tools. ZDX now integrates with Webex to present video conferencing quality information. Plus device and network performance analytics to instantly isolate the causes of negative experiences and ensure productive, uninterrupted meetings.
  • Manage the experience of remote users with low effort. Desktop support teams often struggle to troubleshoot the devices of telecommuters and employees in other regions. This release adds a number of key parameters essential for device-side troubleshooting.

Digital Experience Monitoring supports productivity

JP Saini, EVP, Chief Digital & Technology Officer di Sunbelt Rentals
We are committed to providing experiences and values ​​to our clients at every stage of their projects. Guaranteeing our employees the digital media they need and maintaining their productivity in over 1,200 stores is fundamental to achieve our goals. ZDX and its new AI-powered detection and analytics capabilities help us proactively respond to developing issues that may impact employees. In addition to quickly resolving user problems, resulting in increased productivity and satisfaction of IT staff and end users.

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