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14 U.S. governors opposed the federal mandatory vaccination order | Mandatory vaccination | Biden Administration | Executive Order

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[Epoch Times September 10, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan comprehensive report) So far, at least 14 US governors have stated that they will not tolerate the mandatory vaccine executive order recently issued by the federal government or prepare to resort to Legal action.

US President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) signed an executive order on Thursday (September 9) requiring all employees of the executive branch of the federal government and federal contractors to be vaccinated.

It is estimated that Biden’s vaccine injunction will affect 100 million American citizens, including 80 million private sector employees.

In his speech on Thursday afternoon, Biden said that the United States “has the ability and will use mass vaccination” to reverse the plight caused by the Chinese Communist virus (COVID-19), and at the same time attribute the blame to “80 million.” People who have not been vaccinated.

“We have always been patient, but our patience is fading.” Biden said of Americans who still refuse to get vaccinated.

President Biden also threatened Republican governors who boycotted the vaccine injunction. He said he would use his executive power to “get them away.”

“IMHO,” Biden said. “My plan also targets elected officials in each state who have played a destructive role in these life-saving operations.”

“If they are unwilling to help, if these governors are unwilling to help us overcome the pandemic, I will use my power as president to let them go,” Biden added.

After Biden’s speech ended, so far, 14 governors have successively released their responses to the excessive expansion of the federal government’s power and the threat of the president.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem tweeted: “South Dakota will stand up to defend freedom. See you in court Joe Biden.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp also responded to Biden’s remarks.

He said on Twitter: “I will seek all the legal options available in Georgia to stop this blatant and illegal excess of the Biden administration.”

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Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt said in a statement, “As long as I am the governor, there will be no government-mandatory vaccinations in the state.”

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, announced that the state is already working to “seize power” to prevent Biden’s vaccine injunction.

Alabama Governor Key Ivey also issued a statement that she intends to oppose this mandatory executive order.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon also issued a statement saying that compulsory vaccination “will not work now and will not work in the future.”

The Governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, stated that he broadly opposed the federal vaccine injunction.

“The Constitution will not allow this kind of power grab, and at the same time, I will stand up against all Tennessees,” Li wrote.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts also announced that the state opposes the excessive expansion of federal government power.

Ricketts wrote: “Americans are responsible for their personal health, not the federal government…. It is not the role of the federal government to force Americans to choose. Nebraska will stand up… with the state attorney general. Work together to explore all our options.”

Idaho Governor Brad Little also issued a statement saying: “President Biden’s actions today are excessive government actions. The government should try not to involve employers and their employees in decision-making. I It has been advocating and supporting the reduction of government supervision and injunctions on enterprises.”

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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds also issued a statement expressing his opposition to the federal vaccine mandate.

Governor Reynolds wrote: “As I have always said, I believe and trust Iowans to make the best health decisions for themselves and their families. Now is the time for President Biden to do the same. That’s enough. enough.”

The Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster (Henry McMaster) also issued a statement announcing his opposition to federal coercive measures.

“Under the leadership of President Biden and radical Democrats, the American dream has become a nightmare. They declared war on capitalism, mocked the Constitution, and empowered our overseas enemies.”

“Don’t worry, we will fight with them to the end to protect the freedom and livelihood of every South Carolina person,” he added.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced that his state will stand up against the latest executive order.

Parson wrote: “Vaccination can protect us from serious diseases, but the decision to vaccinate is a personal health care decision. This right should be preserved. My government will always restrict our freedom to threats— -Federal power and government excesses-act to fight back.”

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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey also issued a statement opposing the federal government’s injunction.

“The Biden-Harris government plans to fine $14,000 for employees who have not been tested or vaccinated, but somehow they exempt one of the largest federal agencies from this task?” He was referring to the Biden government. Grant the United States Postal Service (USPS) exemption from the mandatory vaccine order.

“Perhaps because they realized that this was purely government ultra vires,” Dusi added. “Maybe it’s because they realize that this will make the labor shortage problem worse. Or maybe this is just a case of’limit you, don’t limit me’. This is hypocritical, and Arizona will not tolerate it.”

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves also announced that the state opposed the executive order.

Reeves wrote: “The president has no right to require Americans to be vaccinated because they work in private companies. The vaccine itself saves lives, but this unconstitutional act is terrible. This is still the United States, and we still believe that, There is freedom to get rid of the tyrant.”

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